Why you should be watching Legion


What is it?

Legion is the offbeat FX Marvel comic book show that is unlike anything else on TV right now. The show is based on characters from the X-Men universe, yet you wont finds Professor X and his School for Gifted Youngsters on the screen. What you will find is a vibrant, psychedelic, Clockwork Orange world, where our lead character David Haller (Dan Stevens) dwells inside an insane asylum battling that many personalities that live inside his mind.

Image via FX

Wait, What?

Legion is a super-powered psychological thriller muddled together with a loved story. Although he is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, David’s situation is even more complicated than that. He is in fact also one of the most powerful mutants in existence! Subdued by medication, David spend a lot of his time trying to make sense of his reality, and hanging out with fellow psychiatric patient Lenny (superbly portrayed by Aubrey Plaza).

In season one, we saw David’s life become more and more complicated. You see, the personalities he harbours inside him are out to get him, with the endgame of taking over David’s body and mind. In the hostpital David meets the woman of his dreams. Her name is Sydney or Syd (Rachel Keller), and she also happens to possess crippling powers. Syd is incapable of human contact, and therefore the romantic relationship that quickly develops between David and her is rather complicated. Then when a group of mysterious government types comes after them, things literally start to break apart, both inside David’s fragmenting mind and in the world around them.

With the help of a organised team of mutants who seek out and save David and Syd, they stand a chance against the threatening, mysterious group that are coming after them. However, David has bigger fish to fry, as he learns that his own personal inner demons are capable of greater atrocities than anyone could ever imagine. Season two is primed for some dark, and mind-bending viewing!

How do I get into it?

Season 2 of Legion premiers tonight on Foxtel tomorrow 8:30 PM AEST on Showtime, but you can also subscribe to the season via iTunes.

Watch it if you like…

If you liked Netflix Marvel’s Jessica Jones because it was dark and broody, you will love Legion. Expect something even darker, and way more psychedelic! Part of what makes Legion such a brilliant show is that it is one of the more surprisingly humorous, clever and visually unique superhero depictions you will see! There is still time to catch up on Season One!