Ready Player One’s Final Trailer let’s Anyone Who Hasn’t Read the Book Know What it’s About


2018 has many epic movies still to come with the culmination of 10 years of Marvel films in Infinity War (new trailer dropping soon) to Ready Player One this feels like the year when everyone who grew up watching and playing awesome things is in charge of what things we see on the big and small screens. And with Ready Player One not only do we get that vibe but with Steven Spielberg behind the camera we could not be more hyped.

For anyone who hasn’t read the books the last few trailers have been a plethora of amazing visuals with Easter Eggs galore. From Deathstroke and Harley to Back to the Future to the Iron Giant even those who have not read the book that the film is based on have had a feast for the eyes. And now with the movie due out in only a few short weeks the latest trailer gives anyone who hasn’t read the Ernst Kline book an idea about what the movie is about.

In possibly the final trailer before the film’s Australian release (having just previewed at SXSW in the US to rave reviews), shows the film will follow the 3 challenge quests we know from the book. While the trailer does show the keys that are collected we are still wondering if the challenges will be exactly like the book. or take a variation in the film as sequences. Either way we are willing to bet the official mini site holds more than a few clues.

Whatever way it goes with the buzz that has already come from people seeing the film we are definitely going to be there opening day and if the film’s soundtrack is anything to go off we are looking at nostalgia overload. You can check out the full latest trailer below.

Ready Player One hits Australian Cinemas on March 29.