PlayStation 4’s 5.5 Update is Out Now

Source: Sony/Playstation

If you don’t play your PlayStation every day you might not know that the latest PlayStation firmware 5.5 was released overnight for Australian gamers. While not a huge update there are still some pretty cool features so let’s take a look.

Custom Wallpaper and Tournament Team Icons

No longer will you be limited to only those distributed through the PlayStation store, with the new update you will finally be able to load your favourite wallpaper from USB for display. Accessible directly from the settings menu you only need a USB Key with the correct resolution (1920×1080 for PS4 or 3840×2160 for PS4 Pro) and away you go.

This function also extends to the Tournament functions with the ability to set your own Team icon directly from the events page with the edit team pop up.

More Parental Controls

One of the more interesting (or annoying depending on your standpoint) functions to be introduced is ‘Play Time’. This update feature allows parental control of when the a Child account is able to use the PlayStation and for how long.

Basically if you wanted to limit an account to only be able to play on the weekend between certain hours you could do so. This might be handy if you yourself have a bit of a problem limiting your gaming or want to restrict others who use your PS4.

We don’t know much about this function but can only guess what happens if you are mid-game past the cut off time.

Library Filtering Options

The smallest update but possibly a pretty handy one for anyone with a PS+ subscription. The Library also is getting a few new with new views and tabs but also a way to filter to just your PS+ games. This might be handy for anyone thinking about dropping their PS+ subscription but doesn’t remember how many of their favourite games they got through the subscription (and would lose if they dropped it).

Supersampling for the PS4 Pro

Less interesting to anyone without a PlayStation 4 Pro but more interesting to those with and without a 4K TV, the latest update adds Supersampling.

What is Supersampling? In short if you have a PS4 Pro and only a 1080 TV you arent going to be getting any of the high resolution benefits from your console. Supersampling uses the extra processing power and information available in games that support higher resolutions to produce an improved picture on a 1080 screen.

Performance and levels of improvement will vary from title to title and only for those which had 4K support to begin with. But every little bit helps when you are using a sniper rifle from the other edge of the map.

And Some Other Stuff

Some of the additional updates include more minor changes to the quick menu making it easier to see and invite you is online, icons on PSVR supported games on your main menu and finally a way to get rid of some of those older Notifications that haunt your OCD.

While not a lot in the way of major new functionality (as is common in point releases) there is definitely a lot of nice to haves in this mix. If you have a PS4 the 5.5 update is available right now, but if you have auto install enabled you might have it already!