Netflix’s Lost In Space drops a new Trailer ahead of Next Month’s Release


It was only just over a week ago when we got our first images and a confirmed date for the new Lost In Space hitting Netflix and overnight (along with Luke Cage) we are getting our first look with the official trailer.

This trailer has a lot to like with it giving us some of the vibes we got from the first time we saw the Star Trek Discovery trailer in amazing us with the quality of the series. While we are still warming to the new look robot we do get to see more of the cast and get some idea as to the variety of planets we might see.

The new series is set to be out on Netflix next month and while we will have to wait like everyone else to see if the series lives up to this trailer, given Netflix’s track record with TV series we are pretty confident this is going to be good. But you can judge for yourself with the full official trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Lost in Space premieres on Netflix on April 13.