PlayStation Plus drops PS3 and Vita Games in 2019


In some surprising yet not news PlayStation have announced to existing PlayStation Plus subscribers that next month will be the last month to include free PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games. The communication that went out early this morning to existing subscribers cited that after March 8th next year the allocation of free games that PlayStation Plus subscribers receive will drop the Vita and PS3 titles.

For anyone not familiar with the PS+ programme, for a monthly or annual fee gamers can use their PS+ subscription to be able to play online, cloud save games and receive a monthly allotment of games spread normally spread across all the active consoles and devices that PlayStation has (PS Vita, PS3, PS4 and PSVR). Sort of like XBox Live but for PlayStation.

With next month’s free games already announced with 2x PS3 titles and 2x Vita titles this is starting to look like the last hurrah for the consoles with the PS3 already having one of the longest lives for a gaming console in the modern era. The Vita however, unlike the PS3 strikes a different tone as it has not yet been surpassed with an update.

The changes will not effect the use of PlayStation Plus for it’s other benefits (online play and cloud saves) and existing subscribers will retain previous PS+ earned games providing they maintain their subscription.

Regardless, it’s definitely looking like the end for the Vita and PS3 we can only hope this signals some new hardware on the horizon to be announced at PlayStations big December event.