Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Chelsea and Rory from Lionfish Games


Lionfish Games have recently finished a successful Kickstarter campaign for their card game Evolve: Lights of the Deep. This week’s spotlight falls on Chelsea and Rory, let’s take 5 with the dynamic duo from Lionfish Games.

What are you playing right now? Recently, we have been really getting into a board game called Pandemic; and have found that its co-operative nature is a good change of pace from the constant competitiveness in our lives! We have also found that cooperative games work quite well at getting people into the board gaming scene, even if they aren’t typically into playing games. Additionally, we are always indulging ourselves by trialling new ideas or concepts which could possibly be incorporated into future card/board games.

Who or what is Evolve: Lights of the Deep? Why is it Important? Evolve: Lights of the Deep is a competitive card game in which players must evolve from a single-celled organism into the most complex lifeform. Since we have both spent our entire lives living on the coastline of Australia, the game has been heavily inspired by the ocean; which you’ll notice has strongly influenced the game’s design. We really loved the idea of starting off as something quite insignificant and gradually becoming more impressive over time, given that this process is representative of all avenues in life. With the growing impact of technology and social media in people’s lives, we think that card/board games are perhaps even more valuable in modern society than ever before, helping to bring people together for genuine interaction and conversation.

Apart from your game what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? Given how much variety there is within the gaming industry, this is definitely a hard question to answer – but we are really excited for a board game called Hand of Fate: Ordeals. This game was successfully adapted from a digital experience to a hard-copy board game and looks both intriguing and versatile. We love that it is Australian, and are very much excited for its release later in the year!

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? We can see that a lot of people will start taking their ideas to crowdfunding platforms, helping to make them a reality – just as we did. The crowdfunding community is both powerful and supportive, allowing any would-be-designers to tap into a network of likeminded people, who will help to generate feedback and inspiration. This will hopefully lead to a surge of creative and unique ideas from people around the world, who now realise that it is easier than ever to produce something new.

Best last thing you ate?We are both suckers for cheesecake and managed a fair portion of passionfruit cheesecake from our local farmers market!

And that’s 5! The Evolve Kickstarter is finished, but you can check out the Lionfish Games website if you’d like to get yourself a copy of Evolve:Lights of the Deep or find out about more about Lionfish Games.