Movie Review – Game Night


Clue, Jumanji, Battleship – What do these all have in common? With the exception of Jumanji, all of these are board games which were then made into movies so what if you took the more interactive escape room/scavanger hunt style game and made it into a movie? You would get Game Night.

Starring Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, Teen Wolf 2 – no really look it up) and Rachel McAdams (Doctor Strange, About Time, The Time Travellers Wife – wow she is in a lot of movies with Time manipulation in them), Game Night centres on a group of friends with a regular games night. McAdams/Bateman playing the super competitive couple that need to win as they set out of their comfort zone by having Game Night at Batemans brother’s house.

Unlike previous game nights the game changes from board games to a more interactive tone with Booker (the Brother played by Early Edition’s Kyle Chandler – wow more time travel) arranging an abduction/interactive mystery for Bateman/McAdams and friends. After a brief botched abduction it becomes clear that the mystery has jumped the shark with Booker being kidnapped for real.

This is where the movie behinds with a night full of challenges and clues across the city as the crew try to retrieve Booker, win a car and save Game Night. Oh there is a car they win for winning game night. Don’t worry, it’s not too important.

So should you go see it? Yes, if you are looking for something and have seen everything else that is out.

While this movie might not have you re-watching it over and over again, like Clue, this is a fun movie that offers you the kind of no-brainer popcorn flick you need once and a while between blockbusters. And anyone who has had a weekly game night with friends may identify or identify with one or more of the characters from the movie.

Game Night is out now in cinemas across Australia.