First Incredibles 2 trailer airs during the Winter Olympics


Before there was an MCU, Pixar brought us a glipse as to what Superheroing on the big screen done right might look like. Ever since the final few minutes of the Incredibles we have been itching for a sequel, and this year is the year.

Dropping today within the Winter Olympic broadcasts Disney Pixar has given us our first proper trailer for the Incredibles 2! While only a short glipse it definitely gives us an idea of what the new movie will be about and we are absolutely and definitely all in. Picking up from the 2004 movie with the rise of the Underminer (also a Playstation 2 game) the trailer hits us with plenty of super action as well as a nice dose of Jack Jack that we have been craving since the Incredibles short on the DVD/Bluray when originally released.

Taking the focus from Mr Incredible to Elastigirl the next chapter in this series looks to continue the superhero family take that make the first movie so rich. But enough from us, you can check out the full trailer below and tell us what you think? Are you hyped for more Incredibles? Are you looking for your Super Suit? Tell us in the comments down below.

The Incredibles 2 hits Australian Cinemas June 14th this year