The Dread Solstice draws near, are you prepared?

Accounts dept. mustering for battle.

Age of Sigmar’s global campaign is about to get under way. If you haven’t already mustered your forces, there’s still time to dust off your models (or assemble some new ones). The Legions of Nagash battletome has been released just in time for the Dread Solstice. Undead players can now assemble a great host of undead under one of several new factions. The Daughters of Khaine won’t be joining in this time though. Keep an eye out for those dark aelves later this year, they look great so far.

My own Age of Sigmar army is starting to take shape. What better time to collect skulls for the skull throne than when the restless undead march across the mortal realms? So many skulls ripe for the picking!

The Malign Portents website has been filling up with stories to set the scene for the campaign. A shadow has fallen across the mortal realms, and the Time of Tribulations is now upon its inhabitants. The campaign will follow a structured format for six weeks with branched options that will affect how the campaign plays out. It has been described as a ‘choose your own adventure’ story. Details are still scarce, but the wait is almost over.

The Malign Portents book offers a wealth of content. Inside you’ll find warscrolls for the Harbingers and the Warscryer Citadel. Almost half of the book is dedicated to lore for the mortal realms. There are also realm of battle rules for Shyish, the Malign Portents mechanics, and battleplans for skirmish, narrative, and pitched battles. Games Workshop have cooked up something special. There is plenty to look forward to both in the book and the upcoming campaign.

The Dread Solstice begins February 15th.