Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Katie Marx & Mel Rowsell


Reviled as they are, public transport ticket inspectors have it tough. They might have it even tougher if they had to contend with more than just fair evasion and feet on the seats. In this weeks Creator Spotlight we take 5 with Melbourne indie comic creator duo Katie Marx and Mel Rowsell who felt that the ticket inspectors tale needed to be told. We decided to take the time to find out what validates them!

Creator Spotlight: Katie Marx and Mel Rowsell, Metcop Wonderland
Image Katie Marx and Mel Rowsell

What are you playing/reading/watching right now? Katie: I’ve just finished reading volume one of The Book of Dust. It was too good, and over far too quickly, so I’m currently consoling myself by playing a card game called Kendo Duel and listening to Blue Oyster Cult albums on repeat.

Mel: I unfortunately haven’t had a lot of time for reading lately. I’m currently binge watching the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, and I have a two song playlist that I listen to on repeat; Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. and The Goblin Battle by Trevor Jones. The Goblin Battle is my power song. It never ceases to motivate me.


What is Metcop Wonderland? Why is it important?  Katie: Metcop Wonderland is an indie comic about ticket inspectors on Melbourne trains. Let’s be honest – someone had to do it. We’ve also thrown some monsters and trans-dimensional politics in there for good measure.

Creator Spotlight: Katie Marx and Mel Rowsell, Metcop Wonderland
Image Katie Marx and Mel Rowsell

Mel and I are obsessed with our comic, and have worked hard to create something that’s funny, creepy, and (hopefully) quite kind to the characters.

Mel: We all know that there’s something going on in the City Loop. Our information comes from a highly credible source (who we refer to as the Albatross). It’s important that the wider public get to see what’s really going on under the surface of their city. Behind the façade of jazzy upholstery and sticky floors, Metro hides a big secret, and someone needs to get that secret out to the world!

We’re releasing an issue every three months, with Metcop Wonderland #3: Pepper Spray due out in mid-December.  

Apart from your comics what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? Katie: The two big things for me are Excitement City by Pierre Lloga and Commander Canine by Nathan Onias. Both guys are Melbourne creators who spend a lot of time on their craft, and both books really smash it out of the park in terms of artwork and dialogue. Well worth a visit.

Mel: The Australian comic scene in general is something to watch. It’s growing every day, and there’s a lot of great people doing great stuff out there.

Creator Spotlight: Katie Marx and Mel Rowsell, Metcop Wonderland
Image Katie Marx and Mel Rowsell

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? Katie: Well zombies are over, so my money is on a group of fictional characters achieving sentience and banding together to form a powerful trade union. They’ll start out with the intention of safeguarding the rights of their brothers and sisters in fiction, but will inevitably fall into a state of bickering and corruption. That should take about 12 months, yeah? Also, Shane Jacobson is going to agree to star in Metcops: The Motion Picture.

Mel: Metcops will be more than half way through its arc by then. We’ll be into the second act. The Demontrain Lives!

 5 Best last thing you ate? Katie: I’ve been on a keto diet for a while, so my culinary landscape is pretty bleak and windswept right now. Seriously – send help. That said, there was this bowl of Sicilian olives a few weekends ago. Magic! Look for them at Room for a Pony in North Hobart. 

Mel: I just got one of those electric pizza makers at home. I’m just eating pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

And thats 5! You can learn more about Metcop Wonderland online and follow Katie and Mel on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date!