Malign Portents Revealed: Muster for Battle in the Mortal Realms!


The malign portents have finally been revealed. After showing off a new character miniature for each of the grand alliances: Chaos, Order, Death, and Destruction, we now finally know what the teasers have been about.

Malign Portents is a story-driven exercise for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The website is packed with lore about the realms, a timeline of important happenings, the first in a series of short stories, and some info about the four new characters tied to the campaign. This content is an especially great lead-in for anyone that played Warhammer back in The World That Was, but has yet to look at the game after The End Times cataclysm.

What we know for now

There is a Malign Portents book on the horizon, along with the four alliance champions already revealed. The global campaign is slated to kick off on February the 17th. Hobbyists are encouraged to pick up a Start Collecting! set and get it painted from January 13th. We have been assured that more is coming, but Games Workshop is keeping tight lipped about what exactly we can expect to see in the coming months. In the meantime, browse the lore content on the Malign Portents website and get ready to muster your forces for battle.

One more thing…

Warhammer World’s latest open day revealed a welcome addition to Age of Sigmar. Legions of Nagash is the next battletome on its way. Details are scarce, but there are a few noteworthy points. The battletome will cover every Death model so far, but no new models were announced. There are six factions inside the book: one for Nagash and each of his Mortarchs, Soulblight vampires, and a catchall for all Death units. More details are still to come, but expect this battletome in time for the Malign Portents campaign. Stay tuned.