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Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Inner Space, Ant-Man.. there has been a lot of big movies about going small and now Matt Damon stars in the latest go small big film (which is not about him being rescued), Downsizing.

Set in a world much like our own with the threats of overpopulation, climate change and various other external factors Swedish scientists perfect the procedure to remove space between cells and reduce adult humans to about 12cm tall. While the world marvels at this new advance in scientific discovery within a few years it becomes commercialised as a process anyone and everyone can do.

Enter Matt Damon, struggling physical therapist with wife Kristen Wiig. While going small has many environmental benefits the true reasons for going small are much simpler with the amount and cost of living for individuals being reduced proportionally to their size. While in the ‘big’ world Damon might be looking to buy a house he can’t afford in the ‘small’ world his net worth converts to millions buying a rich and luxurious lifestyle.

While a lot of this movie takes place before the shrinking process the move really starts happening after and that point and where we feel that spoilers might start happening.

While working with such a great premise Downsizing is more of a quirky movie than a sci-fi or comedy one. With large amount of the movie set in the ‘small’ you often forget that the protagonists are tiny until something ‘actual size’ shows up like a rose or a bottle of vodka.

The film carries a small undertone of the environmental concerns and the social economic changes that take place in the world with such a new technology being brought into being, like the printing press or production line. The film is really a fixed point on the everyday man, Damon, being put into the small world with no way to return.

So should you go see it? If you are a fan of quirky sci-fi movies with every day folk like looking for a friend for the end of the world then this is probably for you. While the trailer set us up for more comedic/tiny people huge prop type action the overall film is still a good watch.

Plus, Barney Stinson selling tiny mansions to people? Win.

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