This Week in Games: Dec 18 – 23


Christmas is nearly here so you are going to need some games to get through your road trips and long weekends. But before we get down to the biscuits, here is your highlights:

If you are more Fruit John Wick than Fruit Ninja then on Tuesday Shooty Fruity is the game for you on PSVR. This fixed point shooter lets you upgrade your arsenal as you jump from stage to stage of falling attacking fruit. We also get more than a little ‘Job Simulator’ vibe from this but we are ok with that. You can also pick this one up on Steam VR on Wednesday.

Also in VR but on Steam on Wednesday you can get your Harry Potter on with Wands. Wands is a VR game which lets you battle foes in one on one Wizarding Tournaments. Between this and your stash of Butter-beer, it should get you through to the other side of Christmas.

On Thursday you can be thinking with Portals with Bridge Constructor Portal bringing you back to Portal 2 but with a touch of Lemmings. Build bridges, portals and other things to get the vehicles to their destination in the Aperture Science Test Lab with this officially licensed edition including Ellen McLain the original voice of GlaDOS. Grab it via Steam this Thursday.

Need something for your 3DS for your holiday road trip next week? Friday you can pickup Mario Party Top 100 for Nintendo 3DS which features 100 mini-games and up to 4 players without every player requiring a copy of the game. Good Guy Nintendo.

Honourable Mention: Also on Tuesday for anyone who loves their 2D scrolling space alien shooters Project Earth flips the genre with you not taking control to fight off UFOs but to pilot one against an unending wave of tanks, attack helicopters and other terrestrial craft. You can pick this one up on Steam on Tuesday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Rugby Leave Live 4 World Cup Edition (PS4)
Station Commander (Steam)
Rise High (Steam)
Cars with Guns: It’s About Time (Steam)
FEN: Prologue (Steam)
Major League Gladiators (Steam)

Shooty Fruity (PSVR)
Magibot (Steam)
Dracula’s Library 2 (Steam)
Wrestling Revolution 2D (Steam)
Starfighter Neon (Steam)
Twisted Enhanced Edition (Steam)
Who’s your Santa!? (Steam)
Ragtag Adventurers (Steam)
MuX (Steam VR)
Achievement Hunter: Zombie 3 (Steam)
Sudoku Universe (Steam)
Christmas Party (Steam)
Swarm Queen (Steam)
Chocolate makes you happy 2 (Steam)
Smart Mummy (Steam)
3D Hardcore Cube 2 (Steam)
Animals Memory (Steam)
Puzzle Poker (Steam)
Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus (Steam)
M.A.X 2: Mechanized Assault & Exploration (Steam)
Dark Snow (Steam)
God of Failure (Steam)
Project Earth (Steam)
Real Pool 3D – Poolians (Steam)
Can you eat by yourself (Steam)
A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Boarderline of Dusk (Steam)
Battle for the last chicken (Steam VR)
Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- (Steam)
Beyond Clouds (Steam)
Bankster (Steam)

Defunct (XB1)
VODKA (Steam)
Shooty Fruity (Steam VR)
Long Live Santa! (Steam)
Time Tenshi Paradox: Episode 1 (Steam)
City Builder (Steam)
EquiMagic – Galashow of Horses (Steam)
Go Kart Survival (Steam)
WaywaY (Steam)
Goblin Storm (Steam)
Wands (Steam VR)
Vulture Strike (Steam)
Alien Mayhem (Steam)
SeaBed (Steam)
VR Ping Pong Paradise (Steam VR)
Stayin` Alive (Steam)
House of Evil (Steam)
Forest Legends: The Call of Love (Steam)

Life is Strange Season 2 Episode 3 (XB1)
Raining Blobs (XB1)
Wordabeasts (Steam)
All Contact Lost (Steam)
Westard (Steam)
Bridge Constructor Portal (Steam)
AcChen – Tile matching the Arcade way (Steam)
Krampus Quest (Steam)
Twinstack (Steam)
Neon Seoul: Outrun (Steam VR)
City Balls VR (Steam VR)
Smart Junior Academy – Spring (Steam)
Nogibator: Way of Legs (Steam)
Ancient Amuletor VR (Steam)
Song of Memories (Steam)
Revulsion (Steam)
I fell from Grace (Steam)
Polaris (Steam)
Chronicles of Vinland (Steam)
Orbitality (Steam)
Old Watch (Steam)
Magic Girls (Steam)
Sexy Serial Killer (Steam)
Data Thief (Steam)
Space Simulator (Steam)
Rubber Toys (Steam)

Mario Party: Top 100 (3DS)
Rugby Leave Live 4 World Cup Edition (XB1)
Trivia Vault: Technology Trivia Deluxe (Steam)
Creatio Ex Nihilo: Aition (Steam)
Fruity Smoothie (Steam)
Valknut (Steam)
The Legendary of Bean (Steam)
Pipes! (Steam)
SAWkoban (Steam)
Home Alone Girlfriend (Steam)
Dragon Hunter (Steam)
Space Wars: Darth Star (Steam)
My Coloring Book: Food and Beverage (Steam)
Cars War (Steam)
Spreadstorm (Steam)
Nebula Nuker (Steam)
Eggo (Steam)
Ancient Warfare 3 (Steam)
Mino Saga (Steam)
Ancient Code VR (The Fantasy Egypt Journey) (Steam VR)
Dungeon’s Barrage (Steam)
LOGistICAL: South Africa (Steam)
Cold Cuts (Steam VR)
Dragon Sin (Steam)
Knights of the Drowned Table (Steam VR)
Population: One (Steam)

Boom Ball 3 for Kinect (XB1)
Wooden Battles (Steam)
Blood Waves (Steam)
Sigi – A Fart for Melusina (Steam)
Boxed In (Steam VR)
Super Star Panda (Steam)
Follow My Footsteps (Steam)
Chinbu’s Adventure (Steam)
Last Day of FEAR (Steam)
The Last Vampire (Steam)
WEED (Steam)
SOK (Steam VR)
Light Strike Array (Steam VR)
Symploke: La Leyenda de Gustavo Bueno (Steam)
Wheel Riders Online (Steam)
ZoneDriver (Steam)
PLAYERUNKN1WN: Friendly Fire (Steam)
A Raven Monologue (Steam)
Souland (Steam)
Warm Village (Steam)
Endless Inside (Steam)
Man of Law | Judge Simulator (Steam)
Shoot ‘m Up (Steam)
Paradise Lost: FPS Cosmic Horror Game (Steam)
Faerie Solitaire Remastered (Steam)
McRogue (Steam)
Comets Wake (Steam VR)