Comic Pull List – November 16


Welcome to our weekly Comics Pull List, where you can find a handy compilation of all that is fresh out this week! There is a whole lot of good stuff here, so we have named a few of our favourites to help you narrow it down. You’re welcome!

1Journey Star Wars Last Jedi Captain Phasma 

In a galaxy far, far away a certain imposing chrome warrior finds herself in very desperate circumstances, after being captured by the Resistance in the final moments of The Force Awakens. This is the trade paperback collecting all four issues of Kelly Thompson (Jem and the Holograms) amazing exploration of Captain Phasma!

2Evolution #1

Here we have the first issue of an anticipated new horror series from Skybound, and their huge team of creative talent. Something very, very unsettling is happening to a number of people across the globe. Is it evolution? If you are looking for something very creepy that will get under your skin and make it crawl, then this is it!

3Batman Who Laughs #1

Here is the twisted DC Metal release that we have really been hanging out for! James Tynion IV delivers his super sinister vision of a Bruce Wayne driven to the edge by the Joker. The Dark Knight just got a whole lot darker.

4Fence #1

From Boom! Studios, and Australian fantasy novelist C.S. Pacat, comes a comic about teenagers in the cut-throat world of competitive fencing! It’s about time we had a quality comic about sports! Touché!

Full List (via Comixology)

Amazing Spider-Man (2015-) #791 Leg
Avengers Unleashed Vol. 2: Secret Empire TP
Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider (2017-) #10 Leg
Cable Hellfire Hunt TP
Champions (2016-) #14 Leg
Darth Vader (2017-) #8
Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan (2017-) #2
Defenders (2017-) #7 Leg
Doctor Strange #381 Leg
Guardians of the Galaxy #147 Leg
Hawkeye (2016-) #12
Incredible Hulk (2017-) #710 Leg
Journey Star Wars Last Jedi Capt Phasma TP
Luke Cage Vol. 1 TP
Marvel Graphic Collection Box (bundle of 5)
Marvel’s Black Panther Prelude (2017) #2
Mighty Thor #701 Leg
Mighty Thor #701 Alex Ross Var Leg
Not Brand Echh Leg
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #297 Leg
Punisher Leg #218
Secret Warriors (2017-) #8 Leg
Spider-Men II (2017) #4 (of 5)
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Vol. 2: Rise Sith TP
Star Wars Poe Dameron Vol. 3: Legends Lost TP
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (2016-) #14
Venom Carnage Unleashed: New Ptg TP New Ptg
Weapon X (2017-) #11
X-Men: Blue (2017-) #15 Leg
X-Men: Gold (2017-) Vol. 2: Evil Empires TP

Aquaman #30
Batman #35
Batman the Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 4 HC
Batman Who Laughs #1 (metal)
Batwoman Vol. 1: The Many Arms of Death (rebirth) TP
Batwoman #9
Bombshells United #6
Bug the Adventures of Forager #5
DC Comics Bombshells Vixen
Flash Vol. 4: Running Scared (rebirth) TP
Future Quest Presents #4
Green Lanterns #35
Harley Quinn #31
Injustice 2 #14
Justice League #33
Justice League (2011- ) of America Rebirth Dlx Coll Book 1 HC
Legend of Wonder Woman Origins TP
Nightwing #33
Super Sons #10
Superman #35
Trinity #15
Wild Storm #9
Wonder Woman Vol. 4: Godwatch (rebirth) TP
Wonder Woman Conan #3

Ash vs. Aod #5
Fruit Ninja #3 (of 3)
The Greatest Adventure #7
James Bond: Kill Chain #5
Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Dog Men #6
Killer Instinct #2
Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #3
Skin & Earth #5
Undisputed Street Fighter HC
Women Dynamite Vampirella Arthur Adams Bust

Daemon Trilogy Subrosa Game
My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #8
P Craig Russell Strange Dreams Artist Ed HC
Planet of the Apes Game
Rayguns & Rocketships Board Game
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #76
TMNT Ghostbusters Ii #3
TMNT Showdown Bebop & Rocksteady Board Game
Wynonna Earp: Season Zero #5
X-files Comp Season 11 TP

Black Science #33
Curse Words #10
Dark Fang #1
Descender #26
East of West #35
Evolution #1
The Family Trade #2
Generation Gone #5
Horizon #16
Invincible #142
Kill The Minotaur #6
Maestros #2 (MR)
Mage: The Hero Denied #4
Postal #24
Realm #3
Retcon #3
Ringside #13
The Wicked + The Divine #33

Aspen Comics
Aspen Universe: Decimation #2 Cvr A Renna
Michael Turner’s Soulfire Definitive Ed Vol. 5: Pandemonium TP

BOOM! Studios
Adventure Time Comics #17
Amory Wars Good Apollo Vol. 1
Bolivar Original HC
Fence #1
Goldie Vance Vol. 3 TP
Mech Cadet Yu #4
Misfit City #7 (of 8)
Over The Garden Wall #20
WWE Survivors Series 2017 Special Special #1

Dark Horse
Briggs Land: Lone Wolves #6
Jenny Finn #1 (of 4)
Neil Gaiman’s American Gods: The Shadows #9
Rasputin Voice of Dragon #1

American Way Those Above and Below #4

AC Comics
Crypt of Horror Vol. 34 TP

Action Lab
Hero Cats Midnight Over Stellar City Vol. 2 TP
Kid Sherlock Vol. 1 TP
Princeless Raven Year 2 #1 Love and Revenge
Shinobi Ninja Princess Lightning Oni #3
Stray Ongoing #3 Stray

Action Lab – Danger Zone
Misbegotten Runaway Nun #3
Puppet Master Curtain Call #1

AfterShock Comics
Babyteeth #6
Brilliant Trash #1
Unholy Grail #4
Reich #12

American Mythology Productions
Adam Green’s Hatchet #1 (MR) Ltd Ed Photo Cvr
Casper the Friendly Ghost #2

Andrews McMeel
Dilbert: Dilbert Gets Re Accommodated TP
Get Fuzzy Treasury: Catabunga TP

Antarctic Press

Dreadful Beauty Art of Providence TP
Providence #1
Providence Act Two Comp Box Set

Iznogoud Vol. 14
Valerian Vol. 19: At Edge of Great Void

Cosmic Times
Sugar Boogarz #1

Little Nemo In Palace of Ice & Further Adventures HC

Drawn and Quarterly
Toys Talking HC

Emet Comics
Finding Molly An Adv In Catsitting
Fresh Romance Vol. 2

Graphic India
Deepak Chopras Beyond TP

Joe Books
Disney Princess #15

Fairy Tail Vol. 62
Frau Faust Vol. 2
Seven Deadly Sins Vol. 23
UQ Holder! Vol. 12

Lion Forge Comics
Catalyst Prime Incidentals #4
Voltron Legendary Defender Vol. 2 #4
Wrapped Up #2

Oni Press
Letter 44 Vol. 5: Blueshift TP

Red 5
After Eden TP

Seven Seas
A Little Princess Illus
Holy Corpse Rising Vol. 4
Sleeping Beauty Vol. 1

Doctor Who 12th Year Three #9
Hercules Wrath of the Heavens #4
Minky Woodcock Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini #1
Penny Dreadful #7
Warhammer 40000 Fallen #2

Bloodshot Salvation #3
Ninja-k #1

Vault Comics
Alien Bounty Hunter #2
Zojaqan #2

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Vol. 3: Glory of the Losers

Yen Press
Corpse Party Book of The Shadows

Grimm Fairy Tales (2016-)

Art Masters Series Vol. 6: Magritte This Is Not Biography
Asterix and the Race Through Italy Vol. 37 HC
Bad Machinery Vol. 3: Pocket Edition
Big Box of Big Nate Boxed Set TP
Book of Alien Augmented Reality Survival Manual HC
Cartoon County My Father Friends Golden Age Make Believe
Dead of Winter #4
Divinica #3
Dylan Dog Mater Dolorosa
Ember (MR) Beautified Gold Leather
Faerie Handbook Enchanting Compendium By Faerie Magazine
Fun Spies Puzzle Solvers & Century Crosswords
Hanazuki Book of Treasures HC
Harvey Comics Companion
HCF Evil Dead 2 Adult Coloring Activity Book
Heavenly Blues #4
Hellina: Scythe #1 (MR) Gold Leather
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2017 Beautified Tasty
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2017 Fauna Nude
Jungle Fantasy: Survivors #1 (MR) Vixenst
Lookers: Ember #1 (MR) Bikini
Oh My God They Printed That
Paul Kirchner Awaiting the Collapse Selected Work HC (A)
Reds Planet Vol. 2: Friends & Foes
Reds Planet Vol. 2: Gn HC
Rem 8 #5
Skinned: Gn HC
Stardust Nation
Strange & Mystifying Story Vol. 1
Supergirl Ya Novel Age of Atlantis
UnHoly #1 (MR) Century Creation Set
Your Name Another Side Earthbound: Light HC