This Week in Games: Nov 6 – 11


More Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay, Doom comes to the Switch and the Xbox One X is here to fill that hole in your heart. But before we get into the full list, here is your highlights:

First up on Tuesday the Xbox One X (X.B.O.X. isn’t that cool?) comes to town launching this week. This new powerhouse of the Xbox family is smaller and more powerful their it’s predecessors without forcing you to exchange your entire back catalogue to upgrade. As soon as we know a date for Bioware’s Anthem we know we will be picking up one of these to go with it.

While DLC isn’t usually a highlight for us the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is definitely an exception to the rule. For anyone looking for an excuse to go back to Aloy’s world (or maybe never left) grab the DLC for PlayStation 4 also on Tuesday.

Lastly for Tuesday, soon as you emerge from Mario Odyssey pickup Sonic Forces as it hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch on Tuesday (and Steam on Wednesday). We are loving the look of this but are probably going to love those old school 2D levels the most.

For PlayStation and maybe your shiny new Xbox One X, the Fast and the Furious edition of Need for Speed comes to town on Thursday with Need for Speed Payback. Overuse of the word family and Vin Diesel not included.

And on Friday Superflight is a procedural generated Flight Suit simulator having you traverse never-ending beautiful vistas. Created by 3 students this game is only $3 USD so it could replace the void that SkiFree left in your heart.

Honourable Mention: There is a ton of games out for the Switch later this week but we can’t help but call out DOOM is coming to the Switch on Friday. The original game (and basis for a motion picture starring The Rock) will come back to haunt your dreams or at least your commute to work as you grab it for your portable.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Hex (Steam)
Death Coming (Steam)
High Noon (Steam VR)
SkiFy (Steam)

Xbox One X Console
Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (PS4)
Sonic Forces (PS4/XB1/Switch)
Farming Simulator (Switch)
Minecraft Explorers Pack (XB1)
Super Lucky’s Tail (XB1)
Queen’s Garden: Halloween (Steam)
Verzaken! (Steam)
illie (Steam)
Solar System (Steam)
Critters – cute cubs in a cruel world (Steam)
Bit Bullet (Steam)
Christmas Puzzle (Steam)
Prana (Steam VR)
PeoplePackages (Steam)
Gravity Tunnel VR (Steam VR)
Snake: Road to apple (Steam)
Rhythmica (Steam)
Crimson Earth 2 (Steam)
Bygone Worlds: Jerusalem (Steam)
Roman Sacrifice in Cordoba (Steam)
Turtle Quest (Steam)
Mirror (Steam)
Fallen Kingdom (Steam)
Rival Rampage (Steam)
SpaceRoads (Steam)
Red Comrades 3: Return of Alaska. Reloaded (Steam)
Kuso (Steam)
Nioh: Complete Edition (Steam)
Terrorist Elimination (Steam)

Sonic Forces (Steam)
Chaos Souls (Steam)
Coffee Pixes (Steam)
True or False Universe (Steam)
Hide N Seek VR (Steam)
Slimebrawl (Steam)
Adventure Golf VR (Steam)
Fluffy Friends 2 (Steam)
VR Hybrid War 2117 (Steam)
Hand of Fate 2 (Steam)
Killing Floor: Incursion (Steam)
Warlock Revenge (Steam)
Occult preRaise (Steam)
PLAYERUNKN4WN: Zombie (Steam)
Flash Point: Fire Rescue (Steam)
Party Crashers (Steam)
Schatte – The Witch and the Fake Shadow (Steam)
Maze Up! (Steam)
Dragon Drop (Steam)
Team Four Star RPG (Steam)
Neven (Steam)
Prodigy Tactics (Steam)
Ultimus bellum (Steam)

Deer Hunter Reloaded (PS4)
Rapala Fishing Pro Series (PS4)
Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (Switch)
Monster Jam: Crush It (Switch)
Tactical AR (Steam VR)
God of Light: Remastered (Steam)
Starblast (Steam)
Twisted: Enhanced Edition (Steam)
Burn, Clown, Burn! (Steam)
Rage Quest (Steam)
Order Up VR (Steam VR)
Endless Wave (Steam)
LOGistICAL: Switzerland (Steam)
Element Hime (Steam)
RacetronicVR (Steam)
Galactic Orbital Death Sport (Steam)
Wormix (Steam)
The Scurngeon Depths (Steam)
Blasteron (Steam)
Fragments (Steam VR)
Boot Hill Blaster (Steam)
Perspectrip (Steam)
Castaway VR (Steam VR)

Need for Speed: Payback (PS4/XB1)
Ben 10 (PS4/XB1/Switch)
The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion (PC Retail)
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (PS4)
DOOM (Switch)
Football Manager 2018 Limited Edition (PC Retail)
Surf World Series (PS4)
Snipperclips Plus (Switch)
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champion Urbosa Amiibo
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champion Revali Amiibo
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champion Daruk Amiibo
Happy Neighbours (Steam)
Illville: Return Instructions (Steam)
The Hospital: Allison’s Diary (Steam)
Oik 3 (Steam)
The Colonists (Steam)
Cyborg Invasion Shooter (Steam)
MegaRace 1 (Steam)
MegaRace 2 (Steam)
The Ghosts of Hackney Mills (Steam)
Reprogram (Steam)
Slace Story (Steam)
Superflight (Steam)
FallenCore (Steam)
Starlight of Aeons (Steam)
Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest (Steam)
Medieval Mayhem (Steam VR)
Magilore (Steam)
Magical Squash (Steam)
Sword Bros (Steam)
Pinball (Steam)
Alpha Mike Foxtrot VR – AMF VR (Steam VR)
Football Manager Touch 2018 (Steam)
Football Manager 2018 (Steam)
Building Blocks / Master Build of Egypt (Steam)

Solar Collector (Steam)
Bars and Balance (Steam)
Battle Trendaria (Steam)
Ben 10 (Steam)
Valknut (Steam)
Barrels Up (Steam)
Zen Blocks (Steam)
Skyfront VR (Steam VR)
All Contact Lost (Steam)
Sorry, James (Steam)
Fantasy of Eden (Steam)
Teen Date Simulator (Steam)
Sudoku by Nestor Yavorskyy (Steam)
Harvest Life (Steam)
The Sapper (Steam)
Save the Halloween (Steam)
My Colouring Book: Transport (Steam)
I’m Lost (Steam)
PSI Project (Steam)
PSI Project 2 (Steam)
Spark (Steam)
Sector 177 (Steam)
Adventures of Pipi (Steam)
Blackscreen Simulator (Steam)
Onimod Land (Steam)
Zorbit’s Orbits (Steam)
Spring Breeze (Steam)
Scorb VR (Steam VR)
LOGistICAL: South Africa (Steam)