Women of NASA LEGO set Now Available!


It’s a little old news now but LEGO had teamed up with NASA to create a Women of LEGO Ideas set featuring some of the greatest female contributors towards the space program. What isn’t old news is you can now get the set to add to your collection!

Available overnight from LEGO.com the set features 4 pioneering women of NASA including Astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, Computer Scientist Margaret Hamilton, Astronaut/Physicist Sally Ride and Astronaut/Physician/Engineer Mae Jemison. Priced at $49.99 (plus postage) this set will came out of the LEGO Ideas program which allows fans of LEGO to submit their own set ideas with the most popular being taken on to limited mass production.

With Chistmas not too far away you can definitely justify this to go beside your LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set, or as a present for someone else we guess. Just make sure you order one asap as no doubt the set will be a hot collectible as most LEGO Idea sets are.