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Nine years and seventeen movies have lead us up to Thor Ragnarok. The Third feature film centred on the Prince of Asgard, with the 10th year of the MCU next year and Infinity War how does the Odinson’s final film in his trilogy stack up? It is Mighty.

While a core Avenger and key to the events of the MCU Thor has often been dropped to the lowest ranking whenever you see an online ranking of all the Marvel films by critics (and 3rd last in Box Office only beaten by the first Captain America and Edward Norton’s Hulk). While it is hard to not love the Destroyer armour or defending the Nine Realms, we have to admit it’s pretty hard to keep up with the competition in the MCU.

When we first saw the trailers for Ragnarok with Guardians of the Galaxy’esque sound track and epic looking shots we were filled with such hope for this new movie and now that it is here… we aren’t disappointed.

Right from the start Thor Ragnarok brings us into the action we so craved from the tasty teasers leading up to the movies release. Not as heavy in tone as the previous Thor movies and having more in common with Joss Wheaton’s Thor than the bratty Prince of Asgard from the first film, Ragnarok carries with it a buddy film feel throughout. Just not with the same buddies.

Between Loki and Hulk (and Banner, and Doctor Strange at one point) you definitely have more personality from Thor than we have seen in the last few movies filling between epic set piece fight scenes. While it helps to have seen the previous two Thor films (as you no doubt have) anyone who has seen the last two Avengers films will be able to slot in and follow what is going on without whispering to their friend beside them in the theatre.

Black Panther is headed to cinemas early next year and Thor is the last of the original Avenger movies that you will see before Infinity War in April. While you can expect some setup for what happens next this is a great film that stands on it’s own.

So should you see it? Aside from parts of the film being shot in Brisbane and the Gold Coast that locals will be able to identify this is easily our favourite of the Thor trilogy and we are jostling our top MCU movie lists in our heads to figure out where this one lands.

If you love the Mightest Avenger you need to see this movie. Just be warned when it finishes you will wish there was another trilogy after.

Thor Ragnarok hits cinemas across Australia from Thursday

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