Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Zero Latency’s Scott Vandonkelaar


It’s no secret we love VR and while the explosion of home solutions makes it so accessible this week’s creator spotlight makes our PSVR look like a ViewMaster.

If you are familiar with Zero Latency, this Australian VR group are pioneers of immersive gaming. The state of the art wearable VR rigs + dedicated VR spaces are the future we dreamed of when we first saw Virtual Reality. So we were super hyped when we heard they were opening one of the new expansions in Brisbane (next week!!).

For this week, take 5 with the creator (and Chief Technology Officer) of Zero Latency – Scott Vandonkelaar!

What are you playing right now? In some strange kind of irony as I’ve worked more with Virtual Reality I’ve slowly steered away from PC gaming and find myself more in love with tabletop gaming.

I’ve been playing a lot of zombie related tabletop games like ‘Last Night on Earth’, ‘Zombicide’ and ‘Dead of Winter’ (less surprising) but I’m also one of the many addicts playing ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ which I simply can’t get enough of.

Who or what is Zero Latency? Why is it important? Zero Latency is company dedicated to making the best out-of-home VR experiences possible. We make free roam virtual reality systems and the experiences that go with them to take people to another world in a way they never thought possible.

This is a completely Australian concept, having progressed from using an Occulus Rift VR tech and developing gaming experiences for our own enjoyment back in 2013 to what Zero Latency is today.

We’ve gone from a garage concept to multiple venues across the World, with our second Australian venue to open in Brisbane later this month, in the space of 4 and a half years!

If I could suggest any game to try, our ‘Zombie Survival’ game is an awesome experience. Picture this: you’re bunkered in a fort and surrounded by masses of Zombies. It’s basically what would have happened if the Resident Evil series had evolved their concepts into something reminiscent of The Walking Dead TV show.

Or better yet, a real-world VR experience of Call of Duty’s award winning ‘Zombie’ survival concept.

Apart from your game what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? Australia’s local games industry is one of the most vibrant in the world, we a wide array of great games for people to play which regularly take top spot on the world stage.

It’s worth taking the time to look at the games being produced in your area and supporting local developers. The quality and quantity of games being produced here is only going up and it’s great to watch it grow.

We’re lucky here in Melbourne, we’re home to great established independent developers, such as Con Artist games, and supportive collaborative spaces, such as ‘The Arcade’ – with multiple independent games developers like Tin Man Games and Surprise attack games, in residence. Not to mention NFP organisations such as ‘Code like a girl’, driving the message of equal opportunity across our entire sector.

Its developers and NFP’s like this that Zero Latency was born from and I view as vitally important to game development community in Australia.

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? Right now, Virtual Reality and to some extents Augmented Reality are still seen as niche and unrelated to most of everyday life.

I think this attitude and perception is shifting and over the next 12 months there will be new products which are going to make people really see the possibilities. Apple brought out their AR kit and now Google has followed suit which certainly signals that big industry knows the change is coming and they are getting ready for it.

In 10 years from now we’ll wonder how we ever lived without it, much like the mobile phone it will become a part of our everyday lives and that critical turning point for the technology is getting closer.

Best last thing you ate? Over the last few years I’ve become a big fan of a good burger and I recently had one of my favourites, a Southern Fried Crispy Chicken Burger.

If I see one on a menu it’s hard for me to go past.

And that’s 5! From Zombies to Aliens to Marriage Proposals you can experience it all with Brisbane opening next week and Melbourne already open!

To try it for yourself, head over to the Zero Latency Booking Page and lock in a date now, or be prepared for a long wait.