PlayStation 4’s 5.0 Update is out now

Source: Sony/Playstation

It’s not exactly news with details of the private beta being made pretty public, but the long awaited 5.0 Firmware is live right now for PlayStation 4 owners in Australia.

While the full details of the update can be found on the official PlayStation Blogs, outside  features for family controls and communities this update brings two big things we are excited for – Streaming in 1080 and Tournament Brackets.

While we haven’t really had a lot of time to play with it ourselves we expect there might be some features in this update we expect there are no doubt some hidden gems or ground work that we might only really get to know about as part of the PlayStation Experience event later this year.

But what about you? What part of the update are you most excited about? What do you wish was part of the update but have yet to see? Do you too secretly want a voice command to order pizza? Tell us in the comments down below!