Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Twitch’s Lara de Wit


This week in the lead up to PAXAus this month we wanted to give you something a little Twitch flavoured and talk with one of our favourite Streamers. So this week why not take 5 with awesome musician & Twitch streamer Lara!

What are you playing, reading or watching right now? I unfortunately don’t have a whole lot of time to play video games as I’m usually way too busy learning the music from them haha! I also like to live stream every spare moment I have. Recently I have enjoyed reading books by Josh Waitzkin and Malcolm Gladwell, and have just finished watching the first season of the OA, which I loved.

Who or what is your Twitch Channel? Why is it important? It’s where I play live music from video games and cosplay as pop culture characters. I have done entire streams dressed as Link, Cammy, Xena, Zero Suit Samus, Card Captor Sakura, the Pink Power Ranger and more.

I play music from modern and retro games; whatever people request in chat, I play! If I don’t happen to know the song that they want, I’ll learn it live on the spot in two minutes. As well as game music, I also play anime themes, movie/TV soundtracks as well as pop and rock.

Apart from your channel what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? There are a tonne of talented Australians on Twitch, from gamers to cosplayers to musicians. I feel that Aussies are underrepresented on this platform (partly due to truly awful Australian internet), and that there is a lot of room to expand and showcase local talent!

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? I believe that in the next 12 months, the number of people live streaming themselves from their homes is going to increase exponentially.

We are going to see cooking shows, artists, musicians, cosplayers, gamers, and everything in between. I firmly believe streaming is the next big thing. It is still in its infancy right now which means it’s a fantastic time to get on board!

Best last thing you ate? Pulled pork burger from Bar Luca, Sydney

And that’s 5! Lara is heading to TwitchCon this month but you can subscribe you Lara’s Twitch and YouTube to catch her previous streams and get notified of upcoming ones including possibly some TwitchCon or PAX content (and info on her upcoming Christmas album).