Movie Review – Kingsman: The Golden Circle


When the first Kingsman movie hit cinemas we were blown away with the direction Matthew Vaughan took it, so naturally when the sequel was announced we couldn’t wait. So how does a return to the tailors fit?

The Kingsman, originally the comic series by Mark Millar titled Secret Service was the inspiration for the first film. A slightly less comedy based series set in the same world as Kick-Ass (The celebrity kidnap plotline was actually referenced in Kick-Ass series three). Following inspiration from the James Bond films the series was originally put out by Icon an in-print of Marvel in 2012.

At this point we need to stop because if you have not seen the first film then you probably won’t really be able to jump into the second with any idea of what is going on besides thinking its a fun film. So if you haven’t seen the 2015 Kingsman film maybe go watch it before continuing. It’s ok, we will wait for you to come back.

For those of you who have seen the first film (or those of you who just went and watched it and have come back) the second film follows the first set just a year later with all the events of the first film influencing where the Kingsman are heading in the second.

Eggsy, having taken the Galahad title after the first film is now one of the Kingsman’s best agents has they have rebuilt since the first film and it’s only moments into the new film when the action really kicks in. Set one year on, the new film is rather unforgiving in it’s expectations you watched and are a fan of the first with one of the rejected Kingsman recruits from the first film appearing as a key henchman for the evil organisation (at the centre of the sequel) as the 2nd speaking role you see on screen.

While there are several key points throughout the sequel that are explained by the events in the first you are not expected to have encyclopedic recall to understand what is going on. The movie tends to use those points to explain away certain details of how the current situation came to be (such as the rejected Kingsman having a cyborg arm) rather than punishing you for not knowing.

If you enjoyed the first film’s action sequences with its 360 camera slowdowns and use of spy gadgets in unarmed (or even armed) combat then you will no doubt enjoy the second as it doubles down on those elements from start to end.

It is expected that this film will be followed by a 3rd with Matthew Vaughan dropping in interviews that he does have some plans for where the Kingsman are headed next. Overall the film does have that feeling of being another instalment in a franchise and not a film intended to close out these characters. Even with Netflix buying Millarworld it’s pretty clear 20th Century Fox don’t give up film rights to comics easily… *cough* Fantastic Four *cough*.

So should you go see it? If you enjoyed the first one then absolutely it is a must see as a return to the world of the Kingsman. But if you haven’t see the first, then you really should before the Golden Circle. If only to know how useful a good umbrella is.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out in cinemas across Australia right now

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