If you don’t know him yet, Thomas Bitmatta is an 18 years old Australian FPV pilot from Victoria, and is also one of the best racing drone pilots in the world.

Inspired by Stuntdouble’s flying skills and humble attitude, Thomas decided to start flying quadcopters in 2013 and started competing in racing drone events two years ago.

credits : Paul Bitmatta

Before flying remote controlled aircrafts, Thomas had a passion for Taekwondo, a discipline that helped him learn about tactics and made him develop an interest in competition. If he won the first place a few times in Taekwondo at various events, it’s nothing compared with what he managed to achieve in drone racing over the past two years.

Not only did he win most of the national events since the Drone Nationals 2016 (he also won the second edition of the same event this year, cf. picture above), he recently finished first at the MultiGP International Open 2017 in two different categories. This event, organized in the US, is one of the most important international races in the world. Since last month, after only two years of practicing drone racing, Thomas Bitmatta has officially become Double World Champion in his discipline.

Australian Drone Nats. 2017 – credits Paul Bitmatta

When I ask him about this last event and the fact that he won not only in one, but two categories, he admits with a large smile “My mind is still blown about this one!”

I also ask him why he decided to start flying : “I was always interested in R/C – Radio Controlled (Aircraft) – but was scared that I would break the planes. When I found out foam planes existed instead of just Balsa and Fibre glass, I decided I wanted to get into the hobby.” He then got into quads thanks to a friend of him.

About racing drones in particular, Thomas details : “Shortly after I build my own quadcopter and started flying, the first two Melbourne Multirotor Meets happened and I met the likes of StuntDouble and the rest of the Melbourne crew who were at the time at the cutting edge. This really kicked off my passion for quads and I soon after got my first mini quad going (the Minion 220). A year later the MMRC (Melbourne Multirotor Racing Club) formed and I had my first two proper races against other pilots at the same time. For me this was the instigator to decide to focus on racing. In short, I had the bug and a goal that I wanted to pursue, a theory I wanted to make a reality. This is where things started changing really quickly for me.”

Things have changed a lot for Thomas since then, indeed. And for sure they won’t stop changing anytime soon. When I ask him what was his main goal for this last season he simply answers : “My main goal was to not fall too far behind everyone.”

Finally, when I ask him what would be one of his biggest dreams to fulfill in FPV, he laughs and says : “MORE SPEED!!!” and I can’t help laughing myself. More wisely, he adds : “Seriously though, I hope I can better myself as an FPV Pilot and as a person, as I progress and develop through this hobby.”

Thomas Bitmatta is not only a great FPV Pilot but also an example of humility, simplicity and hard work. He might have developed these values throughout his very first passion Taekwondo, but his father Paul Bitmatta played a big role in raising such a both talented and well-behaved young man.

Thomas and Paul – credits : Christine Bitmatta

Paul and Thomas are lucky to share a passion together and always work as team, through training and competition, and nothing can depict better their unique relationship than the Youtube Channel they created together. On top of that, both of them are supported by Thomas’ dedicated mother, who puts the finishing touches to a perfect familial working team.

I could write many more lines about Thomas and his parents, to describe how he’s becoming a true inspiration for a lot of pilots in our community, but I’m going to stop now and leave you with a link to the Bitmattas’ Youtube Channel, so you can enjoy their awesome adventures all around the world at your own pace.

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