JJ Abrams to close out the Trilogy with Star Wars IX


It’s a tumultuous time to be a Star Wars director as overnight it has been confirmed who the new director for Star Wars Episode IX is, and it’s Force Awakens JJ Abrams.

It’s only been a few months since the shakeup with the still untitled Han Solo movie which is hitting cinemas next may when word struck that previously announced Jurrasic World director Colin Trevorrow was out. While there were leaks yesterday we had to wait til overnight for an official source to confirm that JJ is back in.

This does make some degree of sense with JJ not only being the Writer/Director of the Force Awakens that kicked off the new Trilogy but already the Producer across the next 2 films including The Last Jedi, written by director Rian Johnson, which is so far the only of the new Star Wars to not have any re-shoots (and who was our pick for IX director).

Being the writer that kicked off the new age of Star Wars films which ushered the complete wipe of the EU under Disney and commitment to a full trilogy it makes sense that JJ would have a clear understanding of what the trilogy requires to close out.

But what do you think? Are you happy for JJ to return? Did you think it was going to be Rian Johnson too? Are you confused by all this Star Wars talk and still waiting for your Spaceballs sequel? Tell us in the comments down below!