PS4 System Update 5.0 Full Details Published

Source: Sony/Playstation

While there have been some leaked and rumours about the upcoming major PlayStation 4 system update, overnight PlayStation officially dropped all the major details as 5.0 heads to users who signed up for the open Beta from today!

While not automatic for all users who signed up for the Beta those who did and were selected would of received an email with instructions on how to get it overnight. While you can expect a large amount of “minor patches and fixes” in the firmware details there are a couple of major updates to existing features:

  • Family Controls – While parental controls have been in the PlayStation for a long time and were not even new when the PS4 was this update will allow for further control of individual ‘child’ accounts. Changing from a blanket parental policy anyone who has to worry about individual children will be able to set age restrictions on each account individually which will flow on to individual game access.
  • Friends List – Following Facebook your friends list is getting an update to let you create custom lists of your friends. No longer will you be limited to all friends or online friends, now you will be able to have Destiny friends, Overwatch friends and The Division friend (not a typo, sorry The Division).
  • Download progress added to Quick Menus

    Broadcasts – Multiple new features are added to community and broadcasting including if you are in a community then it will show up when you are broadcasting to other members of that community, if you are broadcasting with VR community comments can now show up through the VR AND if you own a PS4 Pro you will be able to stream in 1080p to Twitch.

  • Messages – Various improvements are incoming for messages including the ability to share music tracks. Not just sharing your playlist, you will be able to share a full track with a friend to listen to who can then in turn add it to their own Spotify/Playstation music accounts (if they have one of those).
  • Notifications – Notification pop-ups are getting more customisation allowing you to control when the pop-up occurs if hearing a trophy pop while in a cinematic sequence is really ruining the mood for you.
  • Quick Menu Update – While SUPER useful in VR mode the quick menu pop-up is also getting some updates including a very welcome update to let you have a quick look at your download progress through the quick menu directly.
  • Virtual Surround on VR – For anyone without a full surround setup the virtual
    Visible Brackets in Tournament modes

    surround 5.1/7.1 channel options will be available to you when using VR (we expect this option to be limited to DVD/BluRays in cinematic mode so you wont be able to turn your head in a game and have sound follow)

  • Brackets – The very under utilised Tournament mode is getting visable brackets to see the progress of your championship.

There are also some additional language enhancements for other regions including Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Greek, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese + the usual PS update staples of fixes.

While no exact date has been provided, with the Beta taking place we expect this firmware is almost ready and will be released in the next few weeks. This also lines up with the release of the 4.0 firmware which was in early September last year (and 3.0 in September the year before).