A few weeks ago, I published a summary of the Australian Drone Nationals which took place in Nerang QLD last month.  Chad Nowak was a member of the panel for the freestyle category. This is where I met him in person for the first time and this has been so far one of my best experiences of the year!

credits Kevin Dougherty

Chad Nowak was born in Bendigo VIC in 1978 and he currently lives in Brisbane QLD where he’s enjoying some long and well deserved family holiday.

Every kwad pilot worthy of the name knows him as a member of Rotor Riot, aka. the most famous group of drone pilots in the world. Chad’s description of Rotor Riot is very humble : “We are just a group of passionate pilots who happened to be lucky enough to be well known at the time and got together to do a crazy project. Our roles vary depending on what is needed at the time.  While the obvious one is being a presenter and pilot for the show, other roles include product development and working with other companies to make new products and improve the tech for the public.”

Before even starting flying kwads, he was a very active member of his gliding club, with a level 2 instructor rating as well as various qualifications for maintenance on aircraft structures. “In the early 2000’s I got joyride in a full size glider and knew right then it was something I had to pursue.  For the next 10 years I lived and breathed full size gliding. It is something I do very much miss and look forward to getting back into it one day.”

credits Chad Nowak

He bought his first multi rotor in very late 2013 and started flying early 2014. “I decided to get into multi rotors because it was just something different and I saw the possibility to capture footage in a way previously not available to me. I have always been interested in videography and enjoy making something I am passionate about to look back in years later. My FPV videos are my version of a photo album.”

After only a short time of flying FPV, he won the 2015 U.S. Drone Nationals Individual racing as well as the Team event and Freestyle (all categories) and the F3Expo Freestyle masters. In 2016, he won the U.S. Drone Nationals Freestyle event.

credits Vince Smiths

Since then, Chad Nowak has inspired numbers of FPV pilots, including myself, through his flying skills as well as his human and moral qualities. I was curious to know who inspired him when he first got into FPV. “While there are many, the pilots that inspired me to start filming my flights are David Windistal and Boris. B. David’s videos in particular always told a story and had a deeper meaning which is what is important to me.”

Nowadays, Chad aspires to a more stable path to his future career. “My goal for 2017 is to cement my career in this industry a bit more.  I have been traveling a lot over the last two years and been on many crazy adventures but been living off of many unknowns.”

credits Rotor Riot

Other than that, as a true freestyle pilot, he’s still looking forward to many more adventures and beautiful flying locations.

The following link is Chad’s latest Youtube video and one of my favorite.

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