Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with ImproMafia’s Scott Driscoll


If you like us love Game of Thrones but feel that George RR Martin can’t take a joke without killing off your favourite character then you might be interested in this weeks creator.

Bringing Game of Thrones to the Brisbane’s Bris Funny Fest this month this creator is the director of the latest ImproMafia company show aiming to take an arrow to the knee. So why not take 5 and catch up with ImproMafia director, Scott Driscoll!

What are you playing, reading and/or watching right now? I’m playing Neverwinter online and Dungeons and Dragons with friends (5E, for my fellow geeks’ information).

I’m reading Corpselight, a Brisbane-based urban fantasy by local author Angela Slatter.

And, I’m watching Game of Thrones (obviously) and revisiting an older comedy favourite, Black Books, in between episodes. When I’m overly tired I do a great Bernard Black impersonation.

Who or what is Lord of the Thrones? Why is it important? (Lord of the Thrones is) Live (improvised) theatre – sometimes scripted shows but mostly improvised. Improvised theatre is a risk taking, highly rewarding roller coaster of laughs and drama and human experiences that the performers build based off feedback from each other and the audience.

Watching it and creating that show is just the greatest feeling. It’s something that just can’t be replicated by any other medium and I find it incredibly rewarding to both watch and create. 

Apart from your game what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? I would love for everyone just to look for local Australian pop culture.

We’re living in an ubiquitous atmosphere of copy-cat US reality TV shows and the only way to combat that is to seek out quality entertainment that encourages our local creators to make more of the content we want to experience. We’ve got a couple of big months ahead of us with the return of Ozcomiccon in September and then Supanova in November.

I also like to keep my eye out for retro and indie movie presentation nights at the major cinema chains and small theatres like the Schonell theatre at UQ.

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? There are so many channels now to publish to a worldwide audience – Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Podcasts – that I’m looking forward to seeing more creator driven products for niche interest markets. Personally, I’d love to see more comedic sci-fi/fantasy shows and I’m looking forward to helping to make some in the future.

With three large scale successful feature films under our belt (as South-East Queensland) in the last 12 months, we can probably look forward to South-East Queensland becoming Australia’s Hollywood.

Best last thing you ate? A ham and pepperoni pizza from Annerley’s Earth and Sea Pizza. I’m not a fancy eater, and this is the best pizza on the south side.

And that’s 5! You can catch Scott Driscoll’s show Lord of the Thrones as part of the Bris Funny Fest in Brisbane for one show only on the on the 19th of August at the Metro Arts. You can pickup tickets online now via Eventbrite.