The Original Karate Kid is Returning in an Ongoing YouTube Red Series


Bundled with the announcements late last week and only confirmed over the weekend by one of the show stars, The Karate Kid is being made into an ongoing series for YouTube Red.

Much like the Dan Harmon eSports comedy announced last week, this series will be distributed worldwide for YouTube Red subscribers. The new series Cobra Kai is a 10 episode TV style return to the original Karate Kid movies (skipping over that one with Wil Smith’s kid).

Picking up 30 years later it will include the return of Ralph Macchio playing the Dad and William Zabka returning as the guy who got a Crane kick to the face in the first movie. Set to debut in 2018 the show stars in a Hollywood reporter interview (who have the exclusive on this) compared the show to the originals as Creed is to the Rocky franchise.

From what we can tell the series will continue on and will not try to recast Mr Miyagi (the late Pat Morita) which is both good and bad. The show will devel into the absense of Mr Miyagi for Daniel/Macchio as a mentor but it does mean the possibility of losing the levity that the role brought to the franchise.

But what do you think? Are you hyped for more waxing both on and off? Have you never seen the original? Do you think an oversized shower rig as a costume isn’t the most stealthy of cosplay? Tell us in the comments down below!