Lúcioball returns to Overwatch Summer Games with a Sydney Stadium


As part of the regular developer updates through the Overwatch YouTube channel Blizzard developers have announced that they will be adding back in Lúcioball and with an Australian based arena!

For those who don’t know Lúcioball is a special (US) Summer brawl style match for teams up to 3 players. This game type roughly follows the same rules as soccer and was introduced last year with a Rio stadium. With the return of Lúcioball for this ‘summer’, Sydney is being added as a new stadium.

The new arena is being added just for use with Lúcioball which is planned to kick off on August 8th and will also be part of a 3 week competitive mode to give players points and rank to win in game rewards.

You can watch the full Developer Update below:

Expect to see most of these updates (if not all) as part of the August 9th worldwide Overwatch update.