Ricky & Morty Showrunner Dan Harmon’s new show is a comedy about eSports


It’s just been a week for eSports related TV with an eSports reality show being announced earlier this week and today with the long rumoured Dan Harmon (Rick & Morty, Community, Harmontown podcast) eSports show dropping a trailer early this morning.

Good Game is a short scripted comedy show for YouTube Red subscribers (so yes, available in Australia and no, no relation to the excellent ABC gaming show). The show follows a team of underdogs aiming to break into eSports and win big, sorta like Dodgeball but instead of Dodgeball, DOTA or CS:GO.

There are no big TV/Movie names we can say but it does star Arin Hanson (who did a voice cameo in Rick & Morty’s Wedding Squanchers episode) and Dan Avidan who are well known on YouTube with their GameGrump channel’s Let’s Play series. Being Dan Harmon we do expect some cameos though. You can check out the full trailer below:

But what you think? Are you looking forward to a sitcom about eSports? Are you still waiting for an eSports version of master chef? Do you think Chuck Norris made the wrong call as part of the 2004 Dodgeball World Cup in the Globo Gym vs Average Joes match? Tell us in the comments below.

Good Game will be available to YouTube Red subscribers at the end of August