Movie Review – Atomic Blonde


There is no denying that when the trailers came out for Atomic Blonde earlier this year we were pretty psyched. But after so many let downs from trailers recently did the Charlize Theron action/spy flick deliver? Hell yeah.

Based on the Oni Comics (Bulletproof Monk, Scott Pilgrim, Queen & Country, Hopeless Savages, and a lot more) book The Coldest Series the film is set in the days before the fall of the Berlin Wall (there is even a Hasselhoff reference in the film). Theron plays an MI6 operative sent to Berlin to retrieve a leaked list of undercover operatives that is about to hit the open market. Yes that old chestnut.

You don’t really have to worry about the basic plot device being shared by the original Tom Cruise mission impossible movie because that is where the similarities end.

Set (almost) entirely on both sides of the wall in Berlin Theron bounces between local station chief and frenemy James McAvoy, French spy (and the baddie from The Mummy) Sofia Boutella and John Goodman representing the CIA to name but a few. This movie is a lot more than the kick-ass movie sequences you get from the trailers, but you get those too!

The action sequences in this movie are pretty brutal. Not just in the punishment but in the way that Theron also takes the hits like how John McClane was one of the first action stars to show us heroes can bleed. While not limited to the action sequences this movie does earn it’s MA15+ rating.

If you want a tip while watching, pay special attention on the action sequences and how they are edited. While not in every action sequence, one of the longest in the film is cut together to come off as one big continuous shot. Not quite Birdman level but much longer than Daredevils hallway fight scene with some clever editing to pull it all together.

In short this film is awesome. Between this and Fury Road there is no doubt we will be seeing more Theron as an action movie headliner and if it’s in movies with stories this solid we are completely up for that. We really wish we could tell you more about the plot but we REALLY don’t want to spoil how this ends.

Atomic Blonde hits August 3rd in cinemas across Australia