This Week in Games: Jul 24 – Jul 29


SDCC maybe over but this week in games there is a lot of titles out from some favourites like Team 17 and Supergiant Games, but before we get to the full list or even your highlights here is something important!

Geek Society AU is now a Humble Bundle Partner! What does this mean? Well if you purchase a game from the this week in games list using the link we provide you can help support us and what we do (and give some to charity too). We applied for the partner programme as part of a super secret project we can tell you about soon, but for now we wanted you to know! And now here are your highlights!

Tuesday brings Aven Colony to just about every platform. This space exploration base builder game might not be something you would consider normally but it is brought to us by Team 17 who were behind one of the greatest games ever, Worms! You can pick it up for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Steam (via HumbleBundle) on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday if you have a PSVR you might enjoy Tiny Trax. We got a glimpse of this title as part of E3 and it piqued our curiosity with its VR take on classic slot car sets. You can pick it up on Tuesday on PlayStation 4 if you have a PSVR headset.

One Wednesday only those with a love for the original side-scrolling Prince of Persia will want to pickup Burn It Down to fill the hole in their souls as this side scrolling platformer gives you 1 hour to find and rescue your love before it’s too late on Steam.

And lastly, we like the look of Sundered for PlayStation 4. Sure we have seen a lot of side-scrolling slash action games but what we really like about this one is the attention to detail in all the hand drawn art throughout the entire game. You can check it out for yourself on Friday.

Honourable Mention: If all the SDCC Netflix trailers has you wanting more Stranger Things then The Darkside Detective on Steam might help you with your cravings when it comes out this Thursday. If this retro pixel adventure game has us solve a puzzle with some Eggos we are all in (via HumbleBundle)

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

Ever Oasis (3DS)
Business Tour – Online Multiplayer Board Game (Steam)
Blind Men (Steam)
Fantasy Mosaics 18: Explore New Colours (Steam)
Virus Z (Steam)
Village of Souls (Steam)

Aven Colony (PS4/XB1/Steam) – Steam HumbleBundle Link
Fallen Legion (PS4)
Fortnite (PS4)
Infinite Minigold (PS4)
Pyre (PS4)
Super Cloudbuilt (PS4/Steam)
Tiny Trax (PSVR)
Crashnauts (Steam)
Iron Tides (Steam)
SolarGun (Steam)
The Letter – Horror Visual Noval
4th of July VR (Steam VR)
Bleeding Kansas (Steam VR)
Solar System Journey VR (Steam VR)
Dysfunctional Systems: Orientation (Steam)
Casus Belli: Battle of Annihilation (Steam)
Amazing Thailand VR Experience (Steam VR)
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (Steam)
Fight Sarring VR (Steam VR)
The Tritan Initiative (Steam)
Dragon Lords 3D (Steam)
Mad Arkanoid (Steam)
SURV (Steam)
Fable Fortune (Steam)
XMinutes: Wings (Steam)

Infinity Minigold (XB1)
Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure (PS4)
Fable Fortune (XB1) Preview
Fortnite (XB1)
Pyre (Steam)
CrisisActionVR (Steam)
Pressure Overdrive (Steam)
The Unclogging: An Unsanitary Saga (Steam)
Behind These Eyes (Steam)
Cybermotion (Steam)
Cycle (Steam)
Audioship (Steam)
Fate/EXTELLA (Steam)
Aliens in the Yard (Steam)
Purgatory II
Berryblast Matchmaker (Steam)
Starway Fleet (Steam)
Airmen (Steam)
ColourSpill Ball (Steam)
Forgotten Faces (Steam)
Virtual Temple: Order of the Golden Dawn (Steam VR)
Bullet Party (Steam)
Burn It Down (Steam)
Exit VR (Steam VR)
Let’s Find a Way (Steam)
Project First Contact (Steam)
Mogo Invasion (Steam)
UnnyWorld (Steam)
Wizhood (Steam)
Canadian Football 2017 (Steam)

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure (XB1)
GRIDD: Retroenhanced (XB1)
Pressure Overdrive (XB1)
Canadian Football 2017 (XB1)
Vostok Inc. (XB1/Steam)
Solarium (Steam)
Solstice Chronicles: MIA (Steam)
RHEM I SE: The Mysterious Land (Steam)
Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game (Steam VR)
Piece of Memory (Steam)
Runes of Avalon – Path of Magic (Steam)
Citadel: Forged with Fire (Steam)
sudoku. (Steam)
Flipper Hazard 3 (Steam)
ROMBY (Steam)
Crime Solitaire 2: The Smoking Gun (Steam)
Blu Bandana (Steam)
Brave Path (Steam)
Achievement Hunter: Cromulent (Steam)
Tragedy of Prince Rupert (Steam)
Sugar Fruit Match (Steam)
Death is better than Hell (Steam)
Air Traffic Disruptor (Steam)
Dead Alliance: Multiplayer Beta (Steam)
The Darkside Detective (Steam) – Steam HumbleBundle Link

Sundered (PS4)
Rugby League Live 4 (XB1/PS4)
Nintendo Switch Wired Controller
Atari Classics Volume 1 (XB1/PS4)
Atari Classics Volume 2 (XB1/PS4)
Galaxy of Pen & Paper (Steam)
Dreaming about you (Steam)
LA soul (Steam)
Out for blood (Steam)
Just In Time Incorporated (Steam)
Sky Knights (Steam)
Mars 2030 (Steam)
ClickRaid (Steam)
Sound Balling 2 (Steam)
Impresja (Steam)
Fighting Fantasy Legends (Steam)
Loco Dojo (Steam)
Akin Vol 2 (Steam)
aMAZE ZERO (Steam)
JammerHelm (Steam)
Totally Mayhem (Steam)
Strangers in a Strange Land (Steam)
Immortal Planet (Steam)
Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR (Steam)
GOKEN (Steam)
Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.3 (Steam)
I’m Titanium (Steam)
Bai Qu (Steam)
Raccoon Hero: The Sunrise (Steam)
Super Lovely Planet (Steam)
Primal Lands (Steam)
Beta Runner (Steam)
Range Day VR (Steam VR)
Malfunction (Steam)
Professor Watts Memory Match: Shapes and Colors (Steam)
Golden Fever (Steam)
Legends of Ellaria (Steam)

Super Cloudbuilt (XB1)
Cyber Complex (XB1)
Syndrome (XB1)Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can you stay focused? (3DS)
Hey! Pikmin (3DS)Miitopia (3DS)
Hey! Pikmin Character Nintendo Amiibo
Galaxy Annihilation (Steam)
Gulu (Steam)
Glowing Sokoban (Steam)
Machine World 2 (Steam)
Heaven and Earth (Steam)
VectorWave (Steam VR)
Obscura (Steam VR)
SHAPES (Steam)
The Wizards (Steam VR)
PaintPool (Steam)
Remnants of a Beautiful Day (2012) (Steam)
Far Space (Steam)
Randomizator (Steam)
Princess Evangile W Happiness – Steam Edition (Steam)
GAIA 2200 (Steam)
Tailwind (Steam)
Arena (Steam)
Graze Counter (Steam)
Stability (Steam)
Infested Nation (Steam)
Kama Bullet Heritage (Steam)