Insert Token for the first Ready Player One Trailer


When Warner first brought Harry Potter to the big screen there were two camps of those who had read the books and were wishing for it to be made into a movie and those who saw the movie and immediately read the books. If there was ever a book that should be made into a movie it’s Ready Player One, and it’s happening.

A first look picture was drop last weekend but during SDCC this morning we got our first full trailer for the Spielberg headed film.

For those who don’t know Ready Player One is a pop culture rich book (not a series like Harry Potter) by Ernest Cline set in the future where the richest man in the world dies and leaves his fortune to whoever can follow his scavenger hunt through a virtual relativity based world. Think if Bill Gates died and cross that with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but with more pop culture references (listen out for the tune at the beginning of the teaser trailer).

A few years ago a movie like this with so many cross owned properties would of been unheard of and completely impossible but with films like the LEGO Movie and Wreck-It Ralph showing that corps can sometimes work together it will be interesting to see what the final film looks like.

You can watch the full trailer below, but what do you think? Are you excited for Ready Player One? Have you read the books? Do you want to play a game? Tell us in the comments down below!

Ready Player One is set for a March 29, 2018 release date for Australia