San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Pre-Guide


San Diego Comic-Con is the annual destination for all the most exciting panels, hottest news, and keenly anticipated previews of the year. Don’t worry if you are a long way from San Diego, we have you covered with a rundown of where you can catch all the biggest announcements live online!

Where to Watch

Not being at SDCC we are a little limited in what we can see with a number of panels being selectively for those at the Con only (much like D23). While some of the big presenters will simultaneously release their new trailers and content online others make great effort in ensuring that no video leaks online with countermeasures increasing each year.

So how can you watch SDCC in Australia?

SDCC will be airing select 2017 panels through the official channel of a paid subscription service, last year this service was for US residence only while in BETA but it doesn’t stop you registering.

Marvel and DC have a heavy presence at SDCC with Marvel having daylong streams. Marvel’s focus will be on people as they exit panels for more detail and what is happening on the show floor. You can tune in via the Marvel live stream, as well as a daily YouTube with special guests

DC host “DC All Access” as daily self contained mini-shows, broadcast via mobile app and available through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and are promising live updates of breaking news and highlight. You can also watch these via their YouTube.

There are additional live streams during the duration of SDCC such as @IGN/@comiccon.twitter and Nerdist. Both of these are unlikely to show you the official panels directly and just talk about what was in them with guests, Nerdist is our pick however as they also throw their own mini-con just off site to SDCC with panels that are broadcast in full.

What to Expect

So there is a ton of things that happen off camera at SDCC with plenty of discussion with comic creators and show runners with fan Q&As. Everything from a panel on Crash Bandicoot to Ivan Reitman on the IDW Ghostbusters Comic panel, but you are here for the big TV & Movie announcements so here is what you are going to be hearing about over the next few days:

Highlight Schedule

Remember these are just the highlights we have picked out for you from the official schedule. There is a heap of off site and unofficial events that happen across the weekend too!

1. Movies

Friday 4:00 AEST – The Kingsmen: The Golden Circle panel
Friday 7:15 AEST – DC Animation Original Movies 10th Anniversary panel
Friday 8:00 AEST – Robert Kirkman panel (expect more info on the Invincible movie)
Friday 8:15 AEST – Netflix Deathnote and Bright sneak peak
Friday 9:15 AEST – Batman Mask of the Phantasm restoration edition panel
Friday 11:45 AEST – The LEGO Ninjago Movie panel
Friday 15:00 AEST – Netflix Deathnote preview screening

Saturday 3:00 AEST – Psych the movie sneak peek
Saturday 3:30 AEST – Hasbro My Little Pony the Movie panel
Saturday 11:15 AEST – Sharknado 5 preview
Saturday 12:00 AEST – Resident Evil: Vendetta preview
Saturday 12:00 AEST – DC Animated Movie: Batman and Harley premiere
Saturday 12:00 AEST – Princess Mononoke preview screening

Sunday 4:30 AEST – WB Pictures – Ready Player One, Blade Runner 2049, Justice League and Aquaman
Sunday 10:30 AEST – Marvel Studios, no description but check our D23 coverage for hints
Sunday 12:30 AEST – Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars sneek peek

Monday 3:30 AEST – LEGO Scooby-Doo! Blowout Beach Bash premiere
Monday 5:15 AEST – LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain premiere

2. TV

Thursday 11:00 AEST – WB previews of Deception, Krypton and Black Lightning + an hour long Teen Titans Go! episode

Friday 3:00 AEST – Teen Titans Go! episode as part of the Teen Titans Go! panel
Friday 3:30 AEST – Netflix Voltron Season 3 preview
Friday 4:15 AEST – Unikitty premeire (yes Unikitty from the LEGO movie is getting a show)
Friday 5:30 AEST – Justice League Action new episode
Friday 6:00 AEST – Shadowhunters Season 3 upcoming episode preview
Friday 7:00 AEST – Colony Season 3 preview
Friday 7:00 AEST – Stan Against Evil Season 2 preview
Friday 8:00 AEST – Van Helsing Season 2 preview
Friday 8:30 AEST – NBC Timeless panel
Friday 8:45 AEST – The Strain 4th and final season preview
Friday 9:00 AEST – Z Nation panel
Friday 10:00 AEST – Legion Season 2 panel
Friday 10:00 AEST – Star Trek Discovery panel
Friday 11:00 AEST – The Exorcist season 2 panel
Friday 11:00 AEST – Stargate panel
Friday 11:15 AEST – Marvel Inhumans first 2 episode preview
Friday 12:00 AEST – Netflix Castlevania panel
Friday 12:00 AEST – TDS Animation: American Dad, Tarantula and Final Space previews
Friday 12:15 AEST – 12 Monkeys 4th and final season panel
Friday 13:15 AEST – Dark Matter panel

Saturday 3:00 AEST – Young Justice: Outsiders panel
Saturday 4:00 AEST – Steven Universe panel
Saturday 4:15 AEST – Fear the Walking Dead panel
Saturday 4:15 AEST – iZombie panel
Saturday 5:15 AEST – Adult Swim: The Jellies preview
Saturday 5:15 AEST – The Walking Dead panel
Saturday 5:30 AEST – Netflix: Buddy Thunderstruck future for interactive storytelling panel
Saturday 5:30 AEST – The 100 panel
Saturday 6:00 AEST – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles season 5 panel
Saturday 6:15 AEST – Rick and Morty season 3 preview
Saturday 6:30 AEST – Game of Thrones season 6 panel
Saturday 7:15 AEST – Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead preview
Saturday 7:15 AEST – Star vs the Forces of Evil panel
Saturday 7:45 AEST – Twin Peaks panel
Saturday 8:15 AEST – Adult Swim: Mike Tyson Mysteries panel
Saturday 8:30 AEST – Disney Ducktales panel
Saturday 8:45 AEST – The Gifted sneak peek
Saturday 9:00 AEST – AMC Preacher panel and upcoming episode sneak peek
Saturday 9:15 AEST – Bob’s Burgers panel
Saturday 9:45 AEST – Amazon Prime: The Tick preview
Saturday 10:00 AEST – Outlander season 3 preview
Saturday 10:15 AEST – Archer panel
Saturday 10:15 AEST – Netflix: Marvel’s The Defenders sneak preview
Saturday 10:45 AEST – History Channel: Vikings upcoming season preview
Saturday 11:00 AEST – People of Earth season 2 screening

Sunday 3:00 AEST – Once Upon a Time panel
Sunday 3:50 AEST – Ben 10 panel
Sunday 4:00 AEST – Riverdale season 2 preview
Sunday 5:00 AEST – The Originals season 5 panel
Sunday 5:30 AEST – Marvel TV – Spider-Man, Avengers & Guardians of the Galaxy
Sunday 6:00 AEST – Family Guy and American Dad preview
Sunday 6:15 AEST – Krypton preview
Sunday 6:50 AEST – Lucifer season 3 panel
Sunday 7:30 AEST – Star Trek: Discovery panel
Sunday 8:00 AEST – Mystery Science Theatre: 3000 The Return panel
Sunday 8:00 AEST – Netflix: Stranger Things season 2 sneak preview
Sunday 8:30 AEST – Supergirl season 3 panel
Sunday 9:00 AEST – The Magicians season 3 panel
Sunday 9:00 AEST – Midnight, Texas premiere
Sunday 9:15 AEST – DC Legends of Tomorrow panel
Sunday 9:15 AEST – Westworld Season 2 panel
Sunday 9:15 AEST – The Orville first look preview
Sunday 9:50 AEST – Black Lightning panel
Sunday 10:00 AEST – The Expanse panel
Sunday 10:15 AEST – The Flash panel
Sunday 10:30 AEST – Ghost Wars preview
Sunday 10:50 AEST – Arrow panel
Sunday 11:30 AEST – Future Man sneak peek
Sunday 12:00 AEST – Broad City season 4 panel
Sunday 13:00 AEST – Crunchyroll panel
Sunday 13:00 AEST – Channel Zero: No-End House screening
Sunday 14:00 AEST – Blood Drive screening

Monday 3:15 AEST – Spider-Man animated series premiere
Monday 3:30 AEST – Supernatural season 13 panel
Monday 6:00 AEST – BBC Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency panel
Monday 7:00 AEST – BBC Doctor Who panel

3. Other Interesting Things

Friday 4:45 AEST – Call of Duty WWII Zombie Mode panel
Friday 9:00 AEST – Marvel Comics: The Next Big Thing panel

Saturday 6:00 AEST – Hasbro Star Wars new line up reveal
Saturday 13:00 AEST – 29th annual Eisner Awards (the “Oscars” of the comics industry)

Sunday 10:00 AEST – Hasbro/Marvel panel

The 2017 San Diego Comic-Con is so packed to the brim, that we are exhausted just looking through the program!