Go Behind the Curtain with the Ren & Stimpy Kickstarter


Do you love log? Asthmatic Chihuahuas and dimwitted but happy go lucky Cats? Did you watch Nickelodeon in the mid-nineties? Then you probably watched Ren & Stimpy, and if you said yes to every question then you will want to know they are coming back… to Kickstarter.

Not quite the continuation like we are expecting with Invader Zim, but we are definitely going to be revisiting everything that made Ren & Stimpy great through the latest Kickstarter from some of the show runners in this documentary ‘behind the magic’ style film. From the Kick starter we can tell production is underway with some interviews like Billy West (Stimpy) already done.

Only having just launched the Kickstarter has only just reached 12k USD of it’s 289k USD goal but with perks including some pretty nifty bound editions to go with the actual film we are pretty sure they will be able to meet their target over the next month.

If you want to check out the full Kickstarter you can jump over to the campaign. Even if you aren’t that interested in the Film the backer rewards for original Ren & Stimpy artwork seem like too good of a deal for any hardcore Ren & Stimpy fan to pass up.

If successful the Kickstarter has a target date of September this year.