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Up front, we love Edgar Wright movies. The Cornetto Trilogy and Scott Pilgrim will forever ensure anything Edgar Wright does has serious geek cred and pedigree, which is why when presented with the opportunity to see Baby Driver last week we did so without a second of hesitation.

That being said, not being based on a comic or having Simon Pegg in it definitely reduces it’s pop culture references levels down quite a bit.

If you have seen the trailers for Baby Driver it’s probably important to say that represents only a portion of the movie. As a whole Baby Driver is a long movie (1 hour 53 minutes without trailers) but this does put it around the same duration as other Edgar Wright movies. Baby Driver is a movie with about 4 1/2 acts to it which doesn’t take you where you think it’s going but definitely where it was always going.

As a whole, this movie is a little hard to review with more substance and without spoiling its flow or how it’s flow does not follow where you think it is going in places. We understand that this movie was something that Edgar Wright has been working on for some time. And, in all honestly running through we didn’t really feel like this had many of the staples we have come to expect from Edgar Wright movies (except for maybe some flashes of Scott Pilgrim vs the World towards the end).

From the top we are introduced to Baby, probably the greatest getaway driver since Elwood Blues. Bank Robbery Getaway Driver extraordinary stuck in a life working off a debt to mastermind Kevin Spacey. From this, you probably have some thoughts about how this movie is going to go from the trailer and various staples of Bank Robber/Heist type movies but Baby Driver really doesn’t follow any of those expected paths while at the same time it does.

Along the way we are introduced to some seedy Bank Robber characters such as Jamie Foxx who you may have heard is receiving rave reviews for this movie. We actually had to go and check the last major movie Foxx was in (because we thought it was Amazing Spider-Man 2) and while we were wrong, we were not off by much having done very little for the last 3 years. Definitely our pick though throughout was John Hamm, who by the end of the movie you wished you saw more of.

Basically, this movie has a lot more substance that the trailer suggests with each of the acts being necessary to get where it needs to be but not following the stereotypical action/heist/robbery type movie tropes. If you can walk in forgetting about the trailer or not even having seen it you will be definitely put at an advantage.

One last thing as we mentioned the trailer so much, and if you saw it you may be expecting a Guardians of the Galaxy’ish musical backing track to the entire movie. That does happen but the times where Baby and the music really get to let loose, it’s more like when Ferris Bueller was on the parade float than Star-Lord listening to Cat Stevens with Baby Groot (yes we know, still too soon). While the music is absolutely core to Baby’s character it is in a completely different way and style.

Where GotG had us rocking to Mr Bluesky, sections of this movie will get under your skin and have you in the mood for some smooth jazz afterwards.

All in all, this is definitely a different movie to what we were expecting coming from the genius behind Cornetto Trilogy and Scott Pilgrim. But without question, it is definitely worth seeing. Just… if you purchased the soundtrack to drive home with after the movie, maybe take an Uber instead.

Baby Driver is out in Cinemas across Australia from today

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