Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Pat Cook from SMG Studio


If you love addictive puzzle games which let you commit robocide against your friends, you have probably already been playing the awesome DeathSquared since it came out in March. But if you have been holding out for it on Switch then this week is your week.

But before you rush off to buy the game, maybe take 5 with Death Squared Creator – Pat Cook!

What are you playing, reading and/or watching right now? Playing, Rocket League. I’m pretty much hooked on it. Reading, Nothing major right now, but usually anything to do with design or psychology. And watching Better Call Saul & Rick and Morty.

Here’s me trying to sleep at a Global Game Jam after working all through the night. It’s less comfortable than it looks 🙂

Who or what is DeathSquared? Why is it important? I made the prototype at a 48hr game jam, and it turned out to be something we wanted to make a complete game out of.

It’s a puzzle game that’s all about communication and cooperation. All players are inadvertently deadly to everyone else, so there’s a whole lot of spontaneous robo-murder to figure out how to avoid.

The levels/contraptions are all single screen-sized, and hazards only ever respond to player movement, so the solutions are as fast or slow as your ability to work together and share the plan.

Apart from your game what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? Any given year there’s a tonne of great games coming out of Australian studios. Too many to mention. I’d recommend heading down to PAX AU in Melbourne to see a lot of great local games.

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? I feel like we may have hit peak superhero. Could be more of a push towards blockbuster films about regular old non-super action heroes.

Best last thing you ate? Loco Coco Shave Ice on Kauai.

And that’s 5! DeathSquared is out THIS WEEK for Nintendo Switch! You can pick it up on the Nintendo eShop from Thursday this week, but it’s already available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 stores as well as Steam.

DeathSquared is only one of the games made by SMG Studios, for more check out their site or stalk them on Facebook or Twitter. AND, if you already have your ticket to PAX later this year make sure you stop by and say ‘Hi’ and maybe try some of their titles out in person!