This Week in Games: Jul 10 – Jul 15


Steam and PlayStation sales might be over but that just means new things to look at in this week in games so before we get into the full list, here are your highlights:

Tuesday brings you more Final Fantasy XII with the Zodiac Age expansion. Players who are returning will definitely get more out of this but this remaster is also geared for new players too with enhanced gameplay and of course the new Zodiac Job system. Grab it on PlayStation 4 on the 11th.

On Wednesday it’s all about Minecraft with Season Two of Story Mode starting to coincide with RTX in Austin. Any fans of Minecraft will already know about how successful (and well written) the first season with Telltale behind the wheel so no doubt Season Two will just try and up the ante that much more. Grab it on pretty much every platform that you could for Season One.

If you want a game that is unlike any other you have seen before, check out All You Can Eat. This is an interactive/adventure comic book which is suitable for casual players (only taking 1/2hr) but when you are finished you can print out the comic you just played. We have seen comic based games before but nothing like this. Grab it Thursday on Steam.

And on Saturday, you probably know we are a fan of anything retro style so no wonder we want to call out Serial Cleaner to pick up from the Xbox (or PlayStation early on Tuesday). This 2D steal game makes it slightly more involved than throwing dispatched guards into a haycart in Assassins Creed (Seriously, how many bodies can you put in one of those, they are like a TARDIS) as you have to also hide all the evidence as you work as a professional cleaner for the mob.

Honourable Mention: Fans of Puzzle/Coop games that allow you to robo-cide your friends will want to pick-up Death Squared when it drops for the Nintendo Switch on Thursday! This Australian made title has been out for a little while on PlayStation/Xbox/Steam but we are really looking forward to it on the Switch as we think it would really suit. ALSO – Check back tomorrow for our Creator Spotlight with the maker behind the game too!

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

Radioactive (Steam VR)
Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six Colours in Wonderland (Steam)
Reflecting Fate (Steam)
tho_maz (Steam)
The Muybridge Mausoleum (Steam VR)
Against the Gradient (Steam)
Antihero (Steam)
Wizhood (Steam)

Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age (PS4)
Serial Cleaner (PS4)
Labyrinth Escape (Steam)
GORN (Steam VR)
Trophy Fishing 2 (Steam)
Still Not Dead (Steam)
Viral EX (Steam)
Just One Line (Steam)
Flight Unlimited 2K18 (Steam)
Fire Pro Wrestling World (Steam)
Fly Simulator (Steam)
Wild Guns Reloaded (Steam)
Ariel (Steam)
MIND REFLECTION – Inside the Black Mirror Puzzle (Steam)

Hunting Simulator (XB1)
Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two – Episode 1 (XB1/PS4/Steam)
Black The Fall (XB1)
Hyperun (Steam)
Derelict Fleet (Steam)
A Quick Death (Steam)
Recession (Steam)
Survivor VR (Steam)
Mars 2030 (Steam VR)
Break the Cookie (Steam)
In the Raven Shadow – Ve stinu havrana Steam)
Girls and Quiz (Steam)
Solitaire – Cat Pirate Portrait (Steam)
Codename: Agent Cat (Steam)
Zumbi Blocks (Steam)

Iron Crypticle (XB1)
AereA Collectors Edition (PS4/XB1)
Psebay (Steam)
Ninja Gainyk (Steam)
The End is Nigh (Steam)
Catacombs 1: Demon War
AccurRC 2 (Steam)
Castaway Home Designer (Steam)
tick-hunter (Steam)
Prisoner (Steam)
Dracula’s Library (Steam)
Behind These Eyes (Steam)
Lupus in Fabula (Steam)
qop (Steam)
Visitors: Maine Invasion (Steam)
All You Can Eat (Steam)

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator (Steam)
Laseronium: The Line (Steam)
Metal as Phuk (Steam)
Exocomets (Steam)
bead (Steam)
Airi’s World (Steam)
LSDriver 2 (Steam)
Tower of Time (Steam)
Light Biker Hockey (Steam)
Dead of Night (Steam)
Family cobweb (Steam)
Flipper Hazard (Steam)
Dead Purge: Outbreak (Steam)
Masked Froces: Zombie Survival (Steam)
Numberline 2 (Steam)
ThinkAhead (Steam)
Boom-Bahh (Steam)
Hard Man (Steam)
Clumsy Fred (Steam)
RXE (Steam)
Edge of Insanity (Steam)

Serial Cleaner (XB1)
Deadcore (XB1)
Runbow (XB1 Gold)
Panda Love (Steam)
Super Rocket Shootout (Steam)
SHn!p (Steam)
Survival Tycoon (Steam)
A Goo Adventure (Steam)
Sphere Frustration (Steam)
Kalzor: 2000 (Steam)
Sorcerers’s Dream (Steam)
Golem Creation Kit (Steam)
Rock ‘N Roll (Steam)
Block Survival: Legends of the Lost Islands (Steam)
Double Play: 2-Player VR Baseball (Steam)
Mr Blaster (Steam)
Soulslayer (Steam)
Mad-Sector (Steam)
Enshrouded World (Steam)
NASWAY (Steam)
Spirit of the Ancient Forest (Steam)
Castles (Steam)
Bullet VR (Steam VR)
Rusted Warfare – RTS (Steam)
Whipe the Vote (Steam)
Canvas Quest (Steam)
Chinese Souls-Hau Garden (Steam)
My Personal Angel (Steam)
Hand Simulator (Steam)
Geneticognito (Steam)
Farmington Tales (Steam)
Ballistic Attack (Steam)
Hell Quest (Steam)