Horizon Zero Dawn update adds New Games+ and Ultra Hard Difficulty


During the course of E3, Sony and Guerrilla Games made it absolutely clear they were not done with Horizon Zero Dawn with The Frozen Wilds DLC but also talk of a game roadmap for years to come.

While the DLC pack is still to come from today players of the game will have access to an update to add new modes to the game including New Game+ and Ultra Hard Difficulty.

For anyone who is not familiar with the New Game+ mode, it allows gamers who have finished the game to play through again but retaining their existing character level and inventory. The update does not increase the current level cap but it may help anyone who is short a few trophies and looking for an excuse for another play through.

The bad news for any trophy hunters is that both of these modes come with new trophies each. Meaning that Platinum Trophy for anyone who doesn’t already have it is just that much further away.

Horizon Zero Dawn | Update 1.30 Details | PS4

New Game+, two new trophies, a new difficulty level and more come to Horizon Zero Dawn today in update 1.30.Here's the details: http://play.st/2sJOobF

Posted by PlayStation Europe on Thursday, July 6, 2017

The 1.30 Patch adding the new modes + additional cosmetic items and fixes is available now with the full patch notes available.