Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with ZedTown’s Andrew Garrick

Zedtown Directors. Shakeera Khan and Andrew Garrick

If there is anything that Zombpocalypse preppers know, it’s that Zombies are severly allergic to foam. Lucky for us ZedTown has been running some of the biggest Human Vs Zombie Nerf events in Australia to get us in shape with their next event scheduled this weekend in Sydney!

So this week while you make sure you have plenty of bottle caps stored in your fallout shelter, why not take 5 with one of the minds behind this HvZ free-for-all, Andrew Garrick.

What are you watching right now? I’m half way through the latest season of Fear the Walking Dead which I keep stopping to go steal ideas for Zedtown. I mean, pay tribute.

Who or what is ZedTown? Why is it important? ZEDTOWN is a 4-hour event where Colour Run meets Call of Duty. In this immersive game of Survivors vs Zombies hundreds of players, armed with only their Nerf blasters, battle to make it to the final stand in a post-apocalypse-themed adventure.

Everyone starts as a Survivor: Unique characters give you quests; a call-in radio station gives tips; and, an app tracks your achievements. Each player works with their squad to make it to the final stand. When you’re tagged by a Zombie, you become one and there’s only one thing you want: hunt the most braaaaains.

I grew up on Dungeons & Dragons and The Goonies and just want to go on an adventure – so that’s what we give people in Zedtown: it’s the chance to get together with your friends and imagine a world where you’re the only ones left. How 100% cool is that?

Apart from your event what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? Love Underground Cinema, want to have a play at Zero Latency next time we’re in Melbourne, and we really like the cool people on the Dragon Friends podcast!

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? We’re in the world of interactive real-world gaming, and we reckon AR is going to be the thing we see more and more of now that Pokemon Go!’s had a go at it.

Best last thing you ate? I just had the best falafel with extra hummus wrap. Num num num.

Zedtown Sydney is on this weekend and you can still get tickets to take part (make sure you check out the FAQ to know everything you need to too!).

ZedTown is not limited to Sydney, with the Melbourne event only 2 weeks ago, so check out the Zedtown Facebook or our weekly What’s On guide for any upcoming events near you!