New Justice League LEGO incoming in August


WARNING – In case you haven’t been keeping up, LEGO have been going strong in spoilers with a lot of their tie-in sets with movies for the last year or so. So if you don’t want any of Justice League spoiled maybe best to stop here because we are going to be talking LEGO SPOILERS people!

Over the weekend LEGO released their new catalogue which was rich with new sets to go with upcoming movies like Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man, Justice League and even Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

While the Thor/Spidey sets are in stores now after being released in June and the Last Jedi sets ready to be announced in September (for Force Friday) if you are mad for more Wonder Woman we thought you might like a peek at what was announced.

Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack (76086)

Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack

The first set we have seen before with Batman’s new ride the Knightcrawler from the Justice League trailer. What we picked up from this set though was in the description from LEGO which highlights that one of the pieces in the set is “The Motherbox”. Not a Motherbox as we know as the all-powerful computers used by the Gods of Apokolips and New Genesis but THE Motherbox.

Also in this set we get a slightly new Movie style Flash minifig that comes with two ‘Power Blasts’ suggesting that the Flash has the ability to throw a blast or lightning (perhaps like the Flash TV show). But this is also an ability listed on the Aquaman set so we think it might just be something new for LEGO.

This set has the RRP of $79.99 AUD and available August 1st

Battle of Atlantis (76085)

Battle of Atlantis

Following we have an action piece from Atlantis with full Aquaman plus Atlantean guards. Much like the Flash figure this is modelled after the movie version and includes the ‘Power Blast’ attack and also includes THE Motherbox.

While there isn’t a lot you can say here what it does suggest is at least part of Justice League will have sections in Aquaman’s domain, more than likely bringing him into the fight (not quite like recruiting at the bar we saw in the Justice League trailer). If this set does make it into the Joss Whedon version of the movie this might be our first taste of what the Aquaman movie is going to be like.

This set has the RRP of 34.99 AUD and available August 1st

Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack (76087)

Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack

And finally, we have the big one, literally. This is the biggest of the 3 sets and while not quite Helicarrier size it is big enough to include a full Batmobile to go inside this aircraft carrier style transport that was likely what we saw towards the end of the trailer.

While there is a lot to obsess about here what we are clearly focused on is the extra-sized Steppenwolf Minifig (or is that Maxi-Fig) which is LEGO Hulk-sized. Cut from Batman v Superman but restored in the extended edition we expected Steppenwolf to appear in Justice League but this set may mean a bigger part that we expected. Or at least just the big bad for Justice League Part One.

Steppenwolf Minifig

With all these sets there is mention that they include stud shooters such as Cyborgs attachable Stud Shooter. We don’t think this is a mark of some upcoming LEGO game (unless it’s in LEGO Dimensions) but rather just LEGOs aversion to calling them ‘guns’.

This set has the RRP of $179.99 and available August 1st

We are not expecting any additional sets to be announced between now and the movie’s release with LEGO being pretty consistant with the number of sets they announce prior. And while a Black Suit Superman would be pretty spoiler’y even for LEGO, we feel pretty confident that is not something we will see in LEGO until Part Two.

Justice League: Part One hits Australian cinemas later this year on November 16