UPDATED: Are we getting new Rick & Morty on Friday?


Firstly, it has to be said the first episode of Rick & Morty Season 3 dropped it was probably the greatest troll this year with the much delayed Season 3 being announced to be screened on April Fools Day, before it was. But are we able to be trolled again?

In the last week we have seen fake R&M cancellation announcements & doctored Season 2 trailers changed for a Season 3 date, but now we have this:

The Eventbrite is scheduled for 11:00 AM AEST this Friday is listed as a Q&A with the series creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon in person to also be streamed on adultswim.com, and given the release of the first episode as an impromptu marathon of the first episode repeating on the US Adult Swim. Of course, we are wildly speculating!

While the Adultswim website for Australia is only used by Madman and the US site streaming is usually blocked we wouldn’t hold it against you if you went to YouTube or Twitch looking for an international stream of which so many appeared last time.

It is also possible that this is a Rick and Morty themed event for Dan Harmon’s Harmontown Podcast which is normally recorded with a live audience (and is available in Australia including the podcasts during his Australian tour late last year).

If we do get episode two, ‘Rickmancing the Stone’ on Friday however and assumption of a longer 14 episode run for season 3 at the current rate… We should have the last episode on the same day the Bluray box set will be available to pickup from Madman (the official distributor for Australia) in 2019.

There is one thing we can say for absolute certain, however. This Friday is not April Fools Day. Or maybe they are just going to announce that McDonald’s is bringing back Szechuan Sauce.

UPDATE – During the R&M Live Stream Q&A it was officially announced that the US date for Season 3 will be the 30th of July this year. No information is available to confirm if that date will be shared by Adult Swim Australia or if Netflix will also have Season 3 after it is complete, but as soon as we know you will too. In the meantime here is the official Season 3 trailer.