Ron Howard taking over Han Solo


You probably have already heard that directors Christopher Lord and Phil Miller of the LEGO Movie fame were no longer attached to the Han Solo movie with only a few weeks of shooting left to go, but now we have confirmation of who will be taking over, Ron Howard.

It was big news this week that the directing duo has been taken off the upcoming Star Wars film, the 2nd spin off of the main Star Wars lore to hit the big screen after Rogue One. Unfortunate also following the path of Rogue One, there have been issues during production for the final product that has required additional attention at the creative level. The difference being where the Rogue One director welcomed the assistance it is reported the 21 Jump St duo did not before splitting the production this week officially citing creative differences and now reported to be meeting with DC to return to the Flash film.

With only a few weeks left to film this seems like a huge problem for the production to find a new director which they have before the cameras have even cooled down with Apollo 13 director Ron Howard. While we had no doubt that Disney would make this happen to be the powerhouse that it is, this announcement comes with the official confirmation that the Han Solo release date would not move from the worldwide release in May next year.

We have no doubt this was always going to be the case and do not think the level of changes to the film will be at the level of changing the plot as we have heard with Episode IX, but it will be interesting to see what does make it into the final film.

But what do you think? Are you hyped for the Han Solo Movie? Are you disappointed not to get a Lord/Miller style comedic Han Solo or happy to have a more Howard classic Han? Or are you just waiting for that Greedo anthology film? Tell us in the comments down below!

The still untitled Han Solo film is scheduled for Worldwide release on May 25, 2018.