SEGA brings back the classics to your Mobile for FREE!!


Forget about the upcoming Atari console SEGA has stolen the golden ring to our heart by announcing their new Forever SEGA programme.

Every month SEGA will be adding to an impressive starting line up of classic games that you can play on your iOS or Android device. All the games are free but you can pay a little extra if you want to play them ad-free.

The initial starting line-up includes:

On top of leaderboards and support for wireless Bluetooth controllers (and offline play for those who frequently find themselves on flights), these games will also save your progress! Just give us some Streets of Rage and Moonwalker and we will swear everlasting loyalty to your flag.

You can watch the full launch trailer below but what do you think? Are you super psyched to get your hands on some classic SEGA action? Have you already stopped reading this by this point because you clicked the link and are already on Green Hill Zone 2? Tell us in the comments down below!