Spider-Man gets a little Arkham VR


With the new MCU Spider-Man just weeks away from being everything we hoped and dreamed or crushing our hopes in a symbiote fuelled dance off the big announcement we were expecting out of E3 was the release of the awesome looking Insomniac Spider-Man game to tie in.

Sadly with the dates being confirmed for 2018, it was looking unlikely we would have any tie-in for Spidey’s release in gaming. Until Sunday night when the trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming VR dropped on YouTube (and then later being removed).

Looking like it is largely inspired by what is considered one of the best modern VR experiences, Batman VR, Spider-Man VR has you suit up before you do everything a Spider can. This, of course, tying into the storyline of the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming movie with mention of the Vulture being the antagonist for the VR just like the film.

We had to question Sony to get details for Australia but the full experience will be available for free on PSVR from the 30th of June. And while the graphics may not be on the same level as the Rockstar Batman experience, for a free movie tie-in it still looks like there is some fun to be had.

With the bar for entry to VR and VR development dropping significantly in the last 12 months and the PlayStation E3 showcase having an entire section dedicated to VR games we can probably expect a lot more VR tie-ins to happen in the future. Just as long as we can get our hands on a virtual Infinity Gauntlet to aid in ruling a virtual MCU, we are ok with that.

Spider-Man Homecoming drops in cinemas across Australia July 7.