Hitman goes Free to Play


It hasn’t even been a week since IO Interactive announced as part of separating from Square Enix to become a full and independent studio with full control of the Hitman franchise IP before they start making it rain Hitman goodness.

In a probably very carefully planned move to support the new Season based approach to the Hitman series, IO Interactive have released a playable section of the current Hitman game for free on PS4, XBox One and PC.

Not quite a demo but not the full game either, the release provides you access to the ICA Facility location but more than that all content that has ever been released for that location. Including:

  • two Escalation Contracts
  • 40+ challenges
  • 17 achievements/trophies
  • And all of the thousands of player-created contracts mode missions that have been made for that location

In short, a TON of stuff and probably enough for anyone who has wanted to try a Hitman game to get hooked for more locations and content. You can check out the full (PS4) Trailer below, but it should be already on your platform of choice.

We can only hope with demo discs being a thing of the past, that more developers will follow suit give us this kind of opportunity to get hooked before handing over our hard earnt cash.