Bathurst is coming to Gran Turismo Sport in 4K


It might not be the first time to see it in a game but it is definitely the most pretty.

With the new Gran Turismo Sport coming to PlayStation 4 before Christmas and all the hype for 4K gaming it was pretty much as a certainty that Bathurst would continue from Gran Turismo 6 into the new title at launch.

Racing gamers would be pretty familiar with the track having previously appeared on PlayStation (even on PS4 before thanks to Project CARS) but it doesn’t mean this isn’t  worth a look at how great the next instalment makes the track look.

The game is still a few months away but any hardcore GT fans can try to get an early look at the game through applying for the Closed Beta.

With the new Forza being very Australian focused (and the last Forza also containing Bathurst) we wouldn’t be upset if this trend continued and we got to see more Australian tracks like Melbourne and Gold Coast get updated to this level of shiny.

Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation 4 and in 4K on PlayStation Pro is currently scheduled for the Sep-Nov 2017 launch window.