E3: Nintendo Trailer Recap


And we made it to the last major brief! Good job you! Whether you have been watching live, following our live tweets or just catching our EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft and Sony recaps if you have gotten this far this is the last of the major briefs for this year’s E3!

The Nintendo Brief isn’t quite like the other briefs, following the Treehouse format that Nintendo uses every few months there are multiple Treehouse briefs planned this week but of course, all eyes are looking towards the first one. If you want to catch the full brief it is only 25 minutes long so much easier to catch the replay then getting up at 2 AM this morning. But just in case you don’t have time for that, here is your recap.

We kick things off with a nice piece of gaming and marking montage video, to push the point of how mobile the Switch is and that it can go anywhere with Splatoon, FIFA, ARMs and Rocket League (we’ll come back to that) on show.

Unlike previous Treehouse broadcasts, this brief is more polished with it being pre-recorded (because it wasn’t presented in one of the big E3 theatres like Sony or Microsoft).

Following an intro from Nintendo’s Reggie Watts, we get our first game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Not being familiar with the series we can’t tell you too much but it does look gorgeous in the same ways that Breath of the Wild does with some of its pan gameplay shots. So if you have done everything Hyrule has to offer, maybe this will help you scratch that itch.

Moving on quickly to the next trailer in a showcase format similar to Sony yesterday we get our first look at Kirby for the Switch. If you are a fan of vivid colours in your gaming we can probably save you some reading by telling you up front that we are expecting all the games announced for the Switch to look this clean. But it doesn’t stop us from saying that this one looks like a lot of fun especially with 4 players.

If you are a fan of vivid colours in your gaming we can probably save you some reading by telling you up front that we are expecting all the games announced for the Switch to look this clean. But it doesn’t stop us from saying that this one looks like a lot of fun especially with 4 players.

It does kinda make us wish there was a remasted version of Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country playable for the Nintendo Switch… maybe one day.

Following Kirby, we get Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi talking about the Switch and how great the acceptance of it has been as well as mentioning many multiplayer games are coming out in the US summer (our Winter).

Next, we get Pokemon for Switch. While Pokken Tournament DX was announced a few days ago the bigger announcement was that a Pokemon RPG is under development. While more than a year away (so 2019?) and no footage was shown (except for Pokken Tournament) at all this will probably be enough for any hardcore fans to get excited about. If you want to see the brief announcement that video from full showcase is below.

From Pokemon to what we think was could of been the ‘shutup and take my money’ moment for Nintendo, Metroid Prime 4 was announced for the Nintendo Switch! Before you get too excited we saw nothing more than a teaser logo, but with Nintendo electing to do announcements through Treehouse and Nintendo Direct videos, atleast we we shouldn’t have to wait til E3 2019 to see more.

Next, giving us all sorts of Little Big Planet vibes was Yoshi. Again we don’t have to tell you how good Switch games look but this version of Yoshi made of some sort of fabric in a world of cardboard sets just makes you want to reach inside the screen.

Plus, loving the Paper Mario/change perspective mechanic.

If you only just picked up Fire Emblem on the DS then you may or may not be looking forward to the new Fire Emblem Warriors edition for the Switch. No gameplay was shown but if you are someone who follows the series the trailer is probably enough to get you to google for pre-orders.

Next, we get Zelda. Specifically reminding us that some items from Zelda will be showing up in Skyrim as useable such as the Master Sword thanks to the creator programme mentioned in the Bethesda brief. This, of course, is only a segway to show off what you are going to get with the new Zelda DLC on June 30 and tease the following DLC if you haven’t already purchased the season pass.

If you are a fan of Amiibo and bought all the release Zelda figs there is also more planned to coincide with characters from the DLC.

Carrying on back to Reggie we hear a little more about the eSports that Nintendo has planned during E3 this week (including the Australian Splatoon team the Blue Ringed Octolings) and talking about the Rabbid/Mario game we saw as part of the Ubisoft Brief.

Now for the ‘shut up and take our money’ moment, and probably not a coincidence to announce right after talking eSports. Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. While not a lot was said we think the Switch is quickly becoming the new ‘split screen’ with it’s support of local LAN matches.

And finally, the game we knew was going to be shown, Super Mario Odyssey. Stirring up mixed feelings when initially shown as Mario in the ‘real world’ this gameplay trailer definitely makes up for it with a lot of actual gameplay shown. Clearly, there is a level of variety that we didn’t understand previously and if we hadn’t just given all our money to buy Rocket League it would be going here.

Except this to be awesome when it hits at the end of October but ‘real person’ Mario still creeps us out.

Just because we can, a few hours after the showcase at the Nintendo Treehouse we got some more hands-on of the new Mario as you may expect with a release only 4 months away. If you only have 30 minutes to spare and love Mario then this might be worth it.

And that’s it. While there are additional Treehouse sessions like the Mario playthrough shown that’s it for Nintendo and E3 briefs. Nintendo may have some additional announcements during course of E3 for the DS (as the Showcase was so Switch dominated) to coincide with the 2DSXL release on Friday.

Like we mentioned the full brief only runs for about 25 minutes so if you have the time and love all things Nintendo, you can just skip whatever we were talking about and head straight there.