E3: Ubisoft Trailer Recap


We are onto the home stretch with the major E3 briefs now with the Ubisoft at 6AM this morning. While you may enjoy our live tweets we know you you can’t always sit down for the full press conference so here is your recap.

Starting off with the Mario + Rabbids team-up we knew was happening Ubisoft did surprise us by having Nintendo’s Miyamoto live on stage. The surprises continued as we didn’t quite know what to expect from the Mario + Rabbids: Battle Kingdom game but we weren’t expecting a turn based tactical game reminiscent of JRPGs to be it. The game, of course, looks gorgeous on the Nintendo Switch with vivid colours but the combat system.

The game, of course, looks gorgeous on the Nintendo Switch with vivid colours but the combat system being a combination of turn based, cover system and a pretty cool movement mechanic for the turn-based combat looks pretty awesome, to be honest. This game has moved from a ‘kay’ to ‘oooh’.

Following Mario was Assassin’s Creed. Being such a big part of the Xbox Brief yesterday and announced as a launch title for the Xbox One X (Nov 7) we didn’t get too much as part of the brief but did get reminded of the October 27 launch date. There was a play through after the brief (see at the bottom of this recap) which gave an extra 30 minutes of free roaming gameplay which is available on the E3 floor.

Expect to see lots about this in the coming week but our takeaway was the new character levelling system (with enemies also having levels), the loot, customisable loadout using looted weapons + the skill tree makes us think a lot of the Division (not mentioned this year) was used to build this.

Also, animals are back for Assassin’s Creed but this time Crocodiles, Lions, Gazelles and Hippos to name a few. So like AC3, but awesome.

Next was the Crew 2 and this was a bit of a theme with most of the Ubisoft conference in showing very little gameplay (or at least clearly defining stuff as gameplay). Fortunately post-conference a lot of gameplay footage has dropped on the official channels to accompany what was shown during, we don’t know if this was a time thing or not but we are a little wary of Ubisoft when it comes to not clearly showing stuff as ‘in-game’, so we didn’t want to assume anything.

When there was some actual gameplay for the Crew 2 we do want to shout out the part with the water actually moving with waves. After the flat oceans of GTA or Watchdogs it’s nice to see water doing something more than just having a cool reflective effect.

There was also one extra thing to mention about the Ubisoft brief which was the number of games that were being opened up for Beta. We know that Sony is still to go but Ubisoft had a couple games that you could get Early Access to including the Crew 2.

Southpark! No Trey and Matt on stage this time but we did get a nice full trailer with what looks to be some gameplay ahead of the October release.

This is a little weird – if someone told you that Frodo appeared at the Ubisoft brief to promote their new (and first?) VR game you would be a little confused. We watched the Ubisoft E3 conference with Frodo and we are still confused. With so many other titles during this brief to get more information during the official E3 event (now until the end of the week), maybe we just have to wait.

And now Ubisoft’s ‘shut up and take our money’ moment. Ubisoft is bringing back the pirate/naval combat parts of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag into a stand alone game. Skull and Bones is headed for a 2018 release but we got a few tidbits of information like it being in a shared environment that supports multiplayer (sounds like Watchdogs 2) and shanties! The ship to ship destruction also looks gorgeous.

While not part of the brief, face it you want more about this game. Much like some of the other titles Ubisoft released more information online after the brief so have at yee! Ya scurvy dog!

Following Skull and Bones, of course, there was a dance number. It’s Ubisoft. There is always a dance number. Sorry, there is no snippet from this but if you feel like you are missing out the full brief is at the end of this recap if you need to confirm if we did indeed see a Panda Dabbing.

Next, more Southpark! Yes more! It was just a trailer with not a hell of a lot to explain but it looks like Ubisoft have a stand alone (not a companion) Southpark mobile game.

Skylanders, Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions, Amiibo and now Ubisoft’s new Toys to Life IP – Starlink: Battle for Atlas. The trailer looks good and the gameplay looks interesting but we don’t know if we have space in our lives for more Toys to Life games.

Best as we can tell this game is set in a single solar system where you can fly through space and on planets with your ship being a reconfigurable physical toy where you can change up your config to match your play style.

Watch the trailer and hopefully, we get a more complete explanation this week. Oh, and it’s going to be on the Nintendo Switch as well as Xbox & Playstation.

Did you love the Steep? If you did then Ubisoft have you some DLC. Looking to tie into the Winter Olympics there isn’t really much we can add here either from what we heard outside of the trailer.

Far Cry 5 time! Short and sweet again like much of the Ubisoft conference, we did get a small amount of gameplay shown after the trailer at least with the Ubisoft presenter dropping the F-Bomb to accent how hyped he was for the game.

Gotta love an in-game Dog companion too! Even if we expect it will eventually hit us in the feels.

We have already had our shut up and take our money moment but Beyond Good and Evil 2 dropping was something that was rumoured for this year and a great way to finish.

The trailer is again gorgeous as most trailers were but more than that – if it was a movie, we would go and see it. For lovers of the series, this is set before the first game so looks like not playing the previous game isn’t a barrier to entry.

More importantly, as we mentioned some games were being opened up for Beta & Beyond Good and Evil was one of those. If you want to sign up for a chance to try it early you can via the BGE site.

And that pretty much wraps the full Ubisoft conference.

You can watch the full thing here but we can’t really tell you that you will get much more out of watching the full thing vs these recaps. However, if you DO want more Assassins Creed Origins, jump to 2:10:00 on the video for the post brief hands on that runs for 30 minutes which has a lot more details.