Movie Review – Wonder Woman


Without question, the MVP of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice was Wonder Woman. From the second she appeared on screen in full red and blue garb with an epic soundtrack we knew we needed more, and now we have it with the first standalone female-centric film across both the DCEU and MCU.

It’s no secret that the DCEU has been on rocky ground with the ‘Snyderverse’, regardless if you are DC or Marvel everyone can agree that DC does have some of the most icon (and first) superheroes in the way of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The pillars of the DC are archetypes which have lent to what we know today in Superhero comics across the board. So after Batman v Superman and then Suicide Squad the expectations on Wonder Woman have been astronomical.

So how does it stack up?

First, the good.  Gadot on screen in full Wonder Woman mode made this movie. While there were charms about the fish out of water story of Diana of Themyscira in London it is the action sequences that we had but a brief taste of in BvS that make us want to go back and watch this again. Every action sequence with WW be it early or at the grand finale made us realise how powerful Wonder Woman was.

The not so good? Well, the 2nd half of this movie was great as we said with the action driving the story forward the first half, unfortunately, was quite forgettable in comparison. It wasn’t just a case of the story not getting interesting until the second half it was elements like overpowering music for scenes early in the film whereas in the second half it felt more balanced.

The first half having less action also drew more attention to the somewhat janky dialogue in places. This may have been due to cuts in editing but the exposition and explanations seem to dwell on places that didn’t really call for it while completely skipping over other areas. There were some tips of the hat to the comics such as Diana having ice cream for the first time ala the new 52 Justice League first appearance, but these felt jammed in.

Another small issue, as with a lot of comic book based films, was the villains. With the exception of [SPOILER], the main villains did have a comic element to them at certain points and never remotely felt like a match to the hero. This isn’t news in comic book movies but there was no new ground broken here either.

While this was not a Zack Snyder film, overall it definitely felt lighter than BvS or Man of Steel in comparison but there was definitely some of that underlying tone of the core story (credited to Snyder amongst others). So at this stage in the DCEU Wonder Woman is definitely a beacon of hope, you won’t be leaving the cinemas with the same warm and fuzzies you might have had when walking out of GotG2.

With Aquaman, Flash, Justice League and even Shazam & Cyborg potentially still to go we can only hope that Geoff Johns taking over the godfather role to the DCEU that some time will be spent on punching up the scripts (he is currently credited as writing the Green Lantern Corps script at the moment though).

So should you see it? Absolutely. While it may have felt we didn’t hammer on this point above enough any point where full WW-Diana was on screen was brilliant and potentially may offer some of the highlights of the DCEU to this point. If you are a WW fan you will enjoy it, and if you aren’t you will still enjoy it.

WW BONUS ROUND – Wonder Woman has a history almost as long as Superman and Batman, WW was created in 1940 just a year after both Superman and Batman in 1939. So, if you want to get more of your Wonder Woman fix there is a large back catalogue to choose from.

If you just want to focus on storylines which may have influenced the movie we will suggest checking out Diana in Geoff John’s New 52 Justice League, Brian Azzarello’s new 52 Wonder Woman run and can’t recommend enough the awesome 2009 Wonder Woman Animated Movie (with story by Wonder Woman comic writer Gail Simone).