MCU Exhibition Opens at GOMA in Brisbane


Mjolnir, three Infinity Stones, Captain America’s Shield and a selection of Tony Stark’s armour might sound like the shopping list of your dreams but it’s only the smallest taste of the awesome you will see at the newest exhibit which opens at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).

Captain America and the Howling Commandos Outfits from Captain America & Winter Soldier

Opening to the general public from tomorrow, May 27 and running until September 3, GOMA is playing host to the collection of original props spanning most of the MCU. While you may have seen a costume or two at a premiere or travelling for an individual film promotion this is the largest collection of screen used props to be shown in Australia by far.

It’s worth noting that currently, the MCU is one of the biggest franchises of all time, clocking in at 15 films currently with still Thor 3, Black Panther, Infinity War and Ant-Man & Wasp with confirmed release dates. Star Wars has 18 when counting future slate (and films like Caravan of Courage), so it’s not hard to see how such a collection of films could have such a large and diverse collection (in case you were wondering there are some Westerns with 60+)

Nova Corp outfit from Guardians of the Galaxy

With a host of screen used props and costumes from just about every MCU movie up until Doctor Strange (and beyond with Thor: Ragnarok) just about the only MCU films we didn’t see props for were GotG2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming (both more than likely due to them being used to either still make the movies or promote them right now).

While we have seen costumes and props before this collection is truly mindblowing for any Marvel fan. And really, for anyone who has never seen any costume before the level of detail you don’t get to see on screen makes you appreciate the work that goes into these films even more.

Stark Expo Scale Model from Iron Man 2

We managed to get through on a preview with the full exhibition opening tomorrow and without anyone blocking our way we still managed to spend over 2 hours in the exhibit with some truly impressive rooms. If you are an MCU or Marvel fan this is a must but if you are a cosplayer this is an absolute need to get such a close-up look at so many iconic props and screen used costumes.

It’s not all costumes and props, although that is a major part, with some interactive displays such as simple motion capture to let you move as Iron Man, Rocket and yes make a Baby Groot dance. Most displays were accompanied by some concept art also which gave us some glimpses of what we saw on screen and the occasional what might have been if you look carefully (an Edgar Wright Ant-Man scene perhaps?)

Loki’s outfit from the Avengers

There is also a green screen photo booth which you can have yourself inserted into some iconic movie posters such as Winter Solider, GotG 1/2 and Avengers posters. And while we mention that Spidey & GotG2 may not have had props there was also an interactive display showing the entire MCU which did include them.

As we mentioned the collection is remaining at GOMA until September, which is unfortunately for some before some of the major Brisbane-based conventions that people would travel for. During the length of the exhibit the GOMA theatre will also be playing (almost) the entire MCU catalogue also if you are looking for something to do on your weekend.

Avengers Costumes from the Age of Ultron

Because we love exclusives we should mention there is also a Marvel store at the end of the exhibit, which you can enter without having to go through the exhibit. While most items you can purchase from other collectible retailers there is an exclusive item in the form of a collection book in hard/soft cover editions, which we happily picked up.

All in all, the scale of this exhibit is truly great for a travelling exhibition a long way from it’s home. Tickets are available from GOMA or online with both single admission and season passes available.

If you are in Brisbane we recommend you make sure you go see it. If you aren’t in Brisbane, it might be an excuse to have a weekend away.

We have only included a few pictures to give you a taste of our visit to the exhibition but if you want to see more check out our Instagram.